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Zambia vs Algeria

Posted 7 months ago in Sports

Charles Mwaba 7 months ago

Zambia will win

Decø House Sba 7 months ago

Algeria the best 🇩🇿🇩🇿

Musonda Cool Steven 7 months ago

Ati support your local team.

Listen to the Radio 📻

Jåy Lîghtër Màfíà 7 months ago

Being ku wire is better that watching znbc zambia vs algeria and i cant alow it that we are losing

Charito Ku Mukelele 7 months ago

Been ku wire is better than watching bola yaba Zambia, us with BP awe sure

Zuze M Muntenda 7 months ago

Am having headache. I wish zesco can do justice

Bukata Kay Favour 7 months ago

Mukwai balatwebakofye fwebo

Chilufya Emma Mumbi 7 months ago

Ine following,and wanting for some one to cut the wire so as to let ba zambia of wire

Precious Mwansa 7 months ago

my bet is safe business ni business

Chisanga Kay 7 months ago

Is that Zambia 1 Algeria 2?