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Tilder is live on StarFM now!!!
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Come to the children and they pay list of him. Kinda where it up a facebook page. It around and I can see it killed us that if the God, of tilda, if if he is panel sec, a tango hotel today I'm just kinda like achieve that my It's a great time to share with t in any back home Daytime The second and I want you to my amazon, what teaching me like. I told you see, petit Sam, what kind of meat and myself, with myself, okay I'm gonna, see. I got kinda get that pendants remains with me when you walk he in your second language, I know me from this champion champion see new boy. He I'm Pull out the shit, it and be like right to the face, particularly in the bullshit when my dad wanted to kind of birthday for you at the seniors and can aid just need to bring your books and yet it before we're gonna be taking a protein I'm just your eighty two to one and on top and uh the lady is he's on the ones upon my life. This is a big, a, a bible tell you what would it like a tangled up with myself What I think I like it And it's one to like page later in the day by facebook page USA from my way to like that page and then we're going to like that page and government opens up one. My boy telling is all shit your body, a Muslim. Why no one ever to talk mighty fucking with the noble senior Olympics, like I'm tiny cool speed now mom, but And what about a snuggle day same motherfucking. What it's like booty, pony I'm like yeah. I got the time I would say, do what you do with the routine. You show me what I wanna know me walk up to the air Scan he second time that I'm the world, she got see Kevin dad that's. How he Look at the children's museum scanner Take the daily did wonders reaching and I'm kinda I'm just now getting them told me that about that anger, the. I got some if you guys up to on doors. I'm ready man. I'm doing better. I've been to more and I'm going for it. Cuz we're not saying, but I don't know what to do with myself. You know see you By chef melissa go does she donate to like explain the um, like I want to is, I got to um the and I got to go. We got the Navy he's trouble attendees from two of my messages, eva page little in this video to wondering when this is angela inflation, he talk about a go. First day of him to tell him I'm about to get no telling yes morning can you tell me to go so don't tell them woman. Yes, I was told that I'm might no, no uh teaching you, what I know you got total as I got older and began, but I'm but I'm happy that you know she'll love. It and I'm gonna see there hey Second And we're dining on some golden egg with no jacob when he gets to debate a tutu booty at home on your property. We save you so much who everyone come I'm not saying you, but it was very pretty until she should be I'm gonna see you we will come out by you know not everybody is nobody the guys talk about what we can do as a shit. Hey check out the final chapter was Late show my my House is all about someone like available to me. I'm eating my mama's um The second, I don't know what to ask when you will know that this is real money and what's up the nigga be like no way to see uh any one item pizza. What's my good boy, my good boy told him no one will be able to bring something up and uh when that we tell me some of the up and coming to tell anything but doesn't look a day when we laugh till Sunday and it was intuitive, do not stuck with a bundle of joy. What does it mean to say what I told you that city but don't know certain never gonna quit. It okay You know what you need you found Sunday does okay and don't forget, I got a phone number to you. Gotta do what you gotta do. One because we were not by me, you see it's like I'm going to miss it okay. If you still have them good Nigga what's going down, I That was elusive sweetie yeah it's not. I was just saying I don't want you I'll look what did you know. It doesn't look good on Joe you got to see what new movie yeah I'm saying. Why did you guys without you Name or should you I'm gonna be sweet and so far we have one day. 10 dollar eye that we have to take. It all in a 15 deals with tier yeah. She got to see the yeah. You see baby jesus And what she did, it would like to eat. We are open and uh and the Super Bowl I'm daddy kindness. Today we second, you worry more dedicated to quality of education. It didn't dogs on I'm going on and I got it yeah no, no, no matter what you can get this I'm gonna change. My love ones and doing stuff. What you been because I don't know what I'm doing but something New legs when I get some of it's kind of okay awesome to that yeah this is a job or know what they're nice I'm glad somebody doing. Okay you can do for me to take a just Time is gonna announce with digital against Second, outfit that we need to outfit from six 37 road in you know that kingdom it remember it needs to die and Sunday. It's all gonna usually 207 200 down. What you mean. It is what everyone else and that nigga this day, that you wake up you will walk with one hand stay we're gonna water them You don't know him. You want to know how much you guys you got your book on ice. So don't trust trust. Yeah yeah. I got you. I got this like yeah what are you doing. I got to my. I don't know that I got something. My girl who was manhood whenever I have a joshua and double that made Let's hit it up now. I'm not gonna want your phone. I'm still gonna community, but we did emma join the above this bedroom from the bustling and I was in the 20 minutes to 10 minutes about the zero 772162651 connectivity is zero. 7144 and a National shame is a sandwich. We understood that, for the gate to the panel aloha Stadium as zero 77216265411 God the Your opinion to have about we like the facebook picture, is that if we vote was implemented, I'm a really local lumber to interview when you, jessica, what, where and when I when I don't know what it is a nigga, my baby alone percent. Your boy might be yes. My nigga when the salmon successfully manage and you're the man look at Virginia, my nose is always like to welcome all day to my mom very proud to tell them your medical Center oh my goodness, it's easy when I did What he got I, whatever whatever I'm getting my son, what it must tell me please and sold yeah knocks it down with his newest, doing studio um, but and it just done without chuck a piece Because we know that you, like what you didn't get it, let somebody tell me Yeah that it's better than your mom a local station and your idea and you see what yeah yo tell me a little bit and let it all day. No lie. Gotham in the He doesn't put my days. You know it was it was easy for me. Please ignore weather seasons. Look at that is And doing what I'm glad to get it on ice and the most and your change in whether he actually you know what I ask you who they say that you, around or knock over my Alright, alright well, not my no, no, no, not okay Baby moving yeah, we know what it takes away from that one. Thank you better be getting ready and That's the knock me to my awesome. You tired um, but its crazy. What it's made it to my phone, allo bus station Hello yeah yeah oh my goodness, what my head to the bread and you can build on. No one. 's all I did. I let it come in today and you're. Gonna lose Hello mama and get on with them. We all know I'm able to Ugh, I would intentions on what it um but again someone's gotta lopez stay tune Aloha session Hello is that him, hello man, that's it. Let's give them a good day is through the test with the handle what I'm doing about my mom about it, but come on maddie. You got to come to look a little school. We sing glass I'm just gonna show. Do I ever got to be educated he's, a little shy and I am going to do a seven -day jade that's a bad guy like that went on Do you want to change the world okay enjoy your children. Didn't care when I was kinda hope you come down soon, that we'll see another civil war and I Second question is asking me what I was doing when I was wounded couldn't by myself but it does. She want to kiss a free initial perform, even questioned my team. We can be deadly. You shouldn't get back together with me. Oh, he even got to teach you what I need to put the What I'm gonna be several toyota name okay yeah show my you know pump it out. They give you fabulous and I got it You okay what it doesn't of him Don't walk a nice long, I, like to say that it don't get over to you. Yeah I get that chocolate get it. Um. I did you can neva thousand from the judge about jesus. We need to do that. Baby is kinda up Okay

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