- This Song ! 🖤🥀

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- This Song ! 🖤🥀

Posted 1 year ago in Music & Audio

Kamini Yadav 1 year ago

What an ossam song and singer outstanding performance love you guys.

Ronita Ganguly 1 year ago

What a place it is....simply wow....d melody n the singers are just perfect....n this song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Nimisha Steny 1 year ago

Magical song and voice too... Loved it

Pooja Adhikari 1 year ago

I love this song ❤

Azmath Raza 1 year ago

Why old songs remix why can't they could create new melody and song, It's not worthy to like..

Mmdc Mun Ghosh 1 year ago

What a feel wow👌🏻Perfect melody sur excellent 👍❤
Romantic place 😍

Saiju K Jacob 1 year ago

Lovely voice and song

Mohammedrazak 1 year ago

This song reminds of some old memories which cant be delete from mind

Sagar Chandel 1 year ago

Nice song💓

Surinder Kaur 1 year ago

I love this song. Well sung and picturised. Lovely background too