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Hannah made a real statement with her look this week. She chose to recreate a Scold's Bridle which is a medieval device that was used to punish people...
So when I first saw saw saw my my my model model, model, model, I. I I I was was was originally originally wondering how I look look then then then translate translate translate translate onto. onto onto onto him him him because. because because because there there there was quite a strong strong feminist feminist feminist message message message message that that that. that I I I was was was trying trying trying to to to portray portray portray, portray. but I I actually actually actually then then then realized. realized realized realized him him him him being being being being male male male male. helps open up up my my message message message to to to actually actually actually include include include include. you you you know know know know all all all all. genders all sexualities everything everything because because because if. if if it it was was if it was a female model model in in my my only only only applied. applied applied applied to to the struggles of of women, women, whereas whereas actually actually actually the the the the message message message for for for message. the the the look look look look was was was was. to to to apply. apply apply to to them them The. the struggles of any. Who are being silenced, so it's a really good thing that he was male. Right now, I'm just leveling out an evening out the skin tone. I was just going in a over any kind of different pigmentation or any blemishes and just kind of evening out that just helps me to have kind of a blank canvas. I guess. Here-i'm just covering the ends of the bottles brows I knew I wanted to be doing kind of a graphic and to the eyebrows and I didn't want to cover the whole brow because one they were very thick and to I wanted to texture in there as well If you have a kind of both sides of the hair follicles smooth it down with your fingers or brush or a spy a hard work quite well. it just flattens out and then you're able to apply apply powder powder powder and and and any any any any other. other other other sort sort sort of of of color correcting creams on top of it to cancel out that do. Color underneath the glow helps to get a smooth surface as well. So here I'm using a sponge and I was using quite thick powder and a fluffy brush as well. I used the fluffy brush because I feel like building up the layers quite fine, it is better than using a thicker brush that might displaced what's already been put there. I'm using an eyeliner pen here to draw in the brows. It's quite an easy way to draw in fibers give that really dark graphic appearance. I started off with the initial shape for the Scott's bride, being kind of down the Middle and then either side of the nose, but as my Mott had a very symmetrical face anyway, it was quite easy to to Mark out that spacing. I used a light pink eye shadow that I thought would be similar to what his skin color might look like if it was scared. I used colon clean to create the scoring down the centre and inside the face with the scores bridal shape Indian is that she very very female but we double tested on my model and he is okay with with it it it's it's yeah yeah it's it's very very famous famous please please please be be be careful careful with with that that if you gonna be placing it on on any any since since face face face just just just make make sure sure that your mothers okay throughout throughout this this not not sticking sticking sticking or or or reacting reacting or or anything anything if you put a colour down down before before hand hand it it might might might blade blade into into and and it might get rid of it but as I used used to to light light pink pink may actually helped That look of scarring on his face. I use latex to cover the model's mouth. I stuck it down with Spirit Gum latex is just a really easy material to blend into the skin and to make look as flashlight as possible. I've been mixed the silicone a and B together and start applying around the edges of the latex mask. I wanted it to look as if this was skin as if it was fud to him and I wanted to have a kind of raw look to it. So the Goss Brito was a medieval torture weapon so well torture device that was placed on anybody who was outspoken, mostly women to be honest and it was shaped like a muzzle. I guess, and it was a headpiece and then the Center part went over the forehead and then went down either side of the nose and then ended in a sort of cage around the mouth with sharp. That's in the mouth to stop the wearer from actually talking I. Masks on this idea that women and any other people in society who aren't necessarily the patriarchy are silenced basically and I I I felt like the Scott's Brier was a really good contraption to tell that message because Whitt a medieval device, the thoughts and practices around it are still very much alive today. Here-i'm adding in the pins and basically gently placing them in the Silicon that I've layered onto the bottle's face and holding it there until it dries it looks as if the pins are holding the mask to the face and it's quite a harsh shape that's going on there. I'm adding in skin tones around the scarring that I've done in the Middle space just using eyeshadow actually and a kind of soft fluffy brush. I just wanted to layer up kind of pinks and oranges and anything will look kind of sore or or maybe like fring. I actually thought that once I was really happy with the the eyebrows and the shape of his mouth and then the kind of Scs Bridal markings, I wanted to maybe make it a bit more gender fluid, so it represented more than just a man or a woman so I thought, adding an. And that would actually maybe make it a little bit more indigenous and yet just help to represent a wide spectrum of gender and people who are being silenced in the world. I actually ended up making the I look quite sharp as well. I took the the kind of line it down underneath to have a sharp edge and when it's a match it with the brow and the shape of the mask. so that everything kind of was mixed together and kind of looked really cohesive. I just scraped back the bottles here to add to this and Georges look and just kind of keep it off the face. so it's quite ambiguous as to what his hair styles actually like. The contour iming there is just to really emphasize the bottles natural features of what you put a lot of unnatural ones on there already, so I wanted to just emphasize how strong his bone structure was it's just really bring that out again. I think it's ambiguous two of the whole look. I was very happy with how this turned out. yeah, I was just so excited to see it and it's final form. I felt like it really was a a representation. What my style is and so I felt quite personal and it also had a driving message behind it that felt very important to me and I feel that the sharpness and the the viciousness I of the look actually helped to get that across. It felt amazing when said she believed the look I felt like I've done my job. I felt I got my message across. It is amazing. Thank you ding dong. It's amazing. That's when you know you feel that you've done the right thing is when someone else can relate to it and actually believe it and feel connected with it. I felt amazing. I felt like I've done the right thing.

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