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Hello this is a pistol to some of you. This is an assault weapon, but in all actuality this gun shoots the same exact bullets as this gun. They both cute exact same. Caliber there's no difference in the bullet size. This is an ar 15. What some of you call an assault raffle. This is a 30 out six. It would pretty and only shoot deer here's the bullet for the main gun Everybody wants to band here's the bullet for the deer hold. It only shoots deer here's, the main bullet and here's the deer bullet. This is a 30 30, a cowboy gun. If I attack someone with the cowboy gun, it automatically become an assault rifle exactly the same way. If I were to hit someone this would become an assault nine on both of These guns will sit here until I move one this mean black gun is not going to give up and walk holding welcome new I am a law abiding citizen so in the robber comes into my House I'm not gonna use a nerf gun. I will exercise my right to keep and bear arms and protect my family from a threat by any means necessary and if this video offends you, I suggest you bet soup and choke on the

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