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Quarantine diaries with Muzi Mthabela (often credited as Muzi KaChibi Mthabela) is a South African actor, editor and former model best known for his role...
One -A beautiful people named Johnny How is locked down treating you We are counting down to Monday. I know a lot of you have been saying how excited you are. so I said, Yeah, I mean and the South Africa as I said, talks on how are you guys doing? Are you really that excited about what is about to happen on Monday? Are we really that this is a Jeb Monday's coming and please. You are watching us from and so to be able to do today is a beautiful day. It's a very special day, so I will not talk a lot because when I keep the show to an hour no longer than an hour and our guest is very interesting and I know you guys are going to keep him here for a very long time. So let's me bring him on as Shaila Issa and welcome him the one the only my favorite ek in the whole of Africa and beyond and believe it or not. to every case this comes here so I'm not breaking your music Hello. How are you? Oh? don't tell people my name do you know there's people that because they will stop calling me. How are you? How are you? How are you? You I am angry I am yeah I I am I'm fine. I'm good. I'm trying to cope the best I can. Yeah, I am good. I am good. I learn you. how's look down chasing you, but I know which I no longer look down. No definitely so I'm not I will ask you look down in the beginning of honesty. Yeah. If you go from there, You don't want you look down. it's a state of mind because you can eat. It's a it's a it's a matter of a paradigm shift in your mind is are you locked down or is it time for quality time with with your loved ones? So for me, it's been a wonderful time. Yes frustrations yes, because Zim and they like to see I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that, but it's not happening but One thing for sure is that God is in control and God is on the throne. so whatever is happening. we need to handle it as it comes and we need to tackle the group by its own. And we have you been. Wait wait, Where are you? Okay. Okay, I don't know if I'm live or what's going on, but I was on me. Oh yeah. she does. yes she can so we Durban Andi p.m. sule such as vocal as Gabo Solas toh. Yes, See me Australia people that are out there in the Yeah, in front of we don't get behind this. Are you back? I am back this is very international and you are not from all over and I see I see people from Sysco join us. He's with us. I see people like Dubai Lifesize Goodin and we're gonna how are you so you're saying I'm of mine. You're done is the state of mind where you know we need to be able to people to handle and to to handle the situations as they come. Yes, we always have our own way. We always have our own plans. We always have our own things that we want you to do but if those things are not happening, we need to be in a position where we can say, okay, What is happening? What is the solution focus on the solution for me right now, It's not about being locked down, but it's about spending quality time. With my wife sitting quality time with my kids getting to know which other playing games and we get bored with the games anyone can go to their own little space got your room play with your phone when you miss another passing you go to them talk to them yeah so it's about it's about that changing the state of mind to handle the situation is comes otherwise medicine direction and education cannot give here I am sorry I Level. How has it affected you, especially when it comes to financially because at the moment, most people are not able to work or not able to work and as much as they would normally. And the truth is I feel very blessed at send you to be a working actor right now when there's such for granted when you are a working at sometimes we think that's how we should be, but it's not how it should be. There are many ages who are out there who are working, but I'm working. I'm not an A-lister or I'm working towards being an A-lister, but there are people who are Super talented more than I am who are not working. I'm working. He looked down is in so many ways for three weeks, four weeks we didn't shoot didn't have anything to do and there were scares see if it is not lifted up. We're not gonna have episodes on air and we're not gonna have salaries moving forward because no cost is going to pay just for sitting at home. So I think we were fortunate in the sense that it was lifted up and we were able to go back to work so we can earn money for it. You know and a lot of people will have the opportunity and what we are currently going through. Salman, who changing their businesses to the business suitable for education. For example, some who are fashion designers are now doing some have tended their businesses into pharmaceutical companies. What advice can you give us to try and make you of the situation financially instead of just sitting at home when you waiting for things to come to an end? I think he is so she is in your question. Thank you. I love your Cup the solution is in your question. It's about the I think the spirit of entrepreneurship. it's about seeing opportunities and grabbing them instead of always expecting things to handed to us. for example in South Africa, we've got a lot of professionals about the Nomi and a Masters in this or that, and I can't find them in that thing. so you. Diversify find something else to do and there are many people who now own big shops who started with with the top up. I think sometimes it's a matter of not being too proud and being someone get a good vibes. it's about it's about seeing opportunities and putting aside sometimes it's about putting aside your pride and about go for the things you want find a solution and because sometimes we choose. I am find you a testing for another path I choose the path of being an but I was chosen by the part of being an actor so I didn't have something else but what I started out doing is not one of doing today I was I was gonna get to that and ask you because I went to school with you and you are yeah of You with editing and how did you get acting? How did it happen for you? And since it's it was very interesting, I was working as an editor in 2008, I was editing his own 14 and it just so happened to see there was a scene that was missing. There wasn't until the guy wrapped up in acting and then now we will still editing and it was a very simple scene. It was aime Mela bazooka walking down the Street. my boyfriend and it was also about two point five in spinach, seeing the two of them. And then tell us and says to me, hey, come on you can't do this and I was like, okay. Why not let me give it a try. I didn't have dialogue. I didn't have lines I was just supposed to walk down the road with a girlfriend and because I'm always has a has a plan. The Bible says the steps of a righteous man are ordered by God. so what happened was that season of on 14 finished, but there was there was season two. but then there was a. Bias that they remembered me, they said. We have a role for you and interestingly when we started it, he didn't have dialogue. He was supposed to be just that thing that stands behind his boss, so I never had dialogue. I never had any lines to talk but then as the study progressed, Myra was like your presence is too strong. Not to be recognized. We are going to give you lines and they started giving me more dialogue more dialogue until years later. I became the chief of efficacy Look at God. look at God's and it was really fell in love with you. I love the picture. who's this guy who is this guy? Look at God? Yeah. Oh. yeah. are those are those it's is that his chest. Why did you do that? So? how does it feel for you to you to be such an important part of one of the biggest topics in the country? cuz this is very big. It is not it's attracting numbers more and more numbers every day you guys are winning a lot and you want our goal as an actor and as an editor, How does that? it's a. I have been one -A what is in it, but it's it's a soap. you have this. you've won so many it's nobody can do great by themselves. It's it's a it's an ensemble. so if one person to all of you have won, yes definitely like I said it feels very good to be a part of so big and also to be great by Association and I was. With the with my brother, wow, Thank you pizza. I was speaking with one of my wonderful brothers who was to MJ and I was just telling him how much he has contributed in my journey as an actor because of how much how giving he is to his is very cute, but we're giving and yes you see when you are confident in your craft, You don't hold back in helping somebody else become better. You know what's too. I'll do a scene with him and he would say what's this is your sin you know and do the same all the way from Canada Mwah and what is to do after after I take he would say, let's let's let's do another take. I don't think you're quite adjust to that scene. I think this is what the scene is about. Try this try that try this try that and I'll ask. Another take and behold it would do much better than the first one, even though yes, there are still a long way to go, but with his help I was able to I was able to become better and now than how I started But there to be Associated with the great actors like Tom Eia, Manoa and definitely want to commit to A- one is one of the best actors I know so to to work with such talent to start acting with such great people who are always pulling you to say no to that. Let let's try this year and then eventually you begin to see what acting is all about because acting is not about saying what has been written in the script, but it's about taking this on paper and bring them to life. and that's what these guys are good at and for that. I'm eternally grateful. And there's some questions, but I think we'll answer them to us at the end. I'm getting a lot of questions you are really living in Dubai. Don't don't answer it. We we're gonna come back to those papers information so what's it about the Wednesdays in the in Ayala and no-I this just to write us your name history with sketches yes I'm from I was born and I grew up in Maine in a small area called him up and removed financially, but I want to go back to umma Toan just to see what the place looks like and two just to see what I can plow back. I know a resident of the Mande and not of Devon and projects that we are discussing there like Like a radio station like a training training programs for television productions, so those are the things that we're planning to do in Mande as a way of giving back, but let's carry on with our interview. That's very Thank you for answering that's very interesting because it is very important and on this planet that we're very big on encouraging people to give back to their community wait for the government to do everything for us if we can if it was especially in the places that we come from, We're always growing up with the wrong things. So when you do become a good role model to go back, even if and I know you do a lot of motivational speaking, let's get that part. Why is it important? You know? Always go back to communities and educate people and why do you do motivational speaking and TJ where there is something very important to realize you are who you are today because somebody spoke something into your life. I'm who I am today because many people spoke into my life. there are people that said things that showed due to they have faith and confidence in me so. These people like Ua's to I was a youth leader. It's 20 equipa a protein in so and one of the first things I did. I asked my Auntie and embed to come in three motivation and Andes, I said. I'm not good with that sort of thing, but I can connect with someone that I think is good and to I didn't know that and he was a big shot at Sony Edison and so I spoke. And he said when do you want me to come, I said on a Sunday afternoon after church, you could come and just give you motivation to young people and then he said he did something very beautiful for me. I was in verse 20, says it's fine. I will come and I will bring two of my friends. I will bring Oslo Marketa at that time. it was 2000. It was the year 2000 and. That time was I knew it was the in South Africa and if you are. And what was his name Arora. So, he said, I'm going to bring you a muro. I was like what I've been enjoyable for that five months and I'm going to meet one of the best celebrities in South Africa and then he said. I'm going to bring a Mara and I'm going to bring a friend of my newer. now. This is Tati was the big short marketing and in Nikes South Africa, so he brought these two guys who's spoken to our lives and one thing could stop doing that whenever he saw me. Said I see you one success in life and you're going to get it and because of his encouraging words because he wants success, you're going to get it. I I was always encouraged to do better for myself and also to impress him because I could see what this man has faith in me. Yes, so because that's number one number two when I was doing my high school is with bands in laws. There were many teachers in fact, if not all of them. Or go to a morning Assembly and speak the word and speak into our lives. One of the first things that I remember that was emphasized every morning, I said they always said whenever I that Hashim Monro, they always said the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. so we always we make the conscious effort to take the single first step because we were encouraged Ascot by our teachers so I valued. Importance of words that's number one number two I fell in love with books. as you can see, I've got a library of books behind me. yeah, those are all the books that I've bought and read. and yes there's I have forgotten my roots guys. I've got some mix. Yeah. I know so I fell in love. You're never forget your roots wherever I never I never. Forget my roots so what I did was I fell in love with books' motivational books like the seven habits of highly effective people, the power of the subconscious mind and and a lot of motivational books that I used to love. I realized the power and the importance of speaking good words to other people and one of the reasons I do motivation and calling is because I know when I was young like those. Young kids I dream of pig things but I can have solution I didn't have a process how to get there so when you speak into somebody's life you may change their lives forever that many other people have done for me so I am doing for them what was done for me Very powerful and we need more people like that, but sometimes it takes just one person to believe in you. Thank you to change your attitude to change your life and to start believing in yourself and because and one thing I know that a lot of people are not aware of is that we are not just a television actor. You are also. A theater, oh, what was the best show that you did on stage. This was the first play that I did you know it was the first playlis onto any ID places and that is. Regarde-moi. Just in case, I'm still on this is what I would say, Oh, Thank thank you my. And just in case, I'm still live. this much I would say I took place so me-I played in the part of an agent and I was coming to Maia Gui and she's one of the Angel Gabriel. So I played the parts and then I moved on and after that, I came to any stage plays but then in about 56 years ago and because this. You on TV, they ask me what can we do a play about a certain thing that the bishop was going to be preaching about so one of the of the past as we can we do that is ask me by name to be part of the play. so we did that play, which was about women abused how people are abused in Mackay and so we keep the play, which is very good, this area as well because it was about this man who was abusing his wife. I think it's the point home and the beauty of the play was that after the play, somebody came to church and said, I did not realize and I think I'm in abused. I need help so they started helping the guy along with many other people that that did not realize who they are. They are. they were abuses so they could help and they came and then after they play then came this child and locals are up, which is based on. People got stolen and schedule of it. hello, you know I'm from. Get this show on the biblical story and you know it's a beautiful play. We've done it three years in a row. now we're supposed to be doing it again this year, but yet because of the improvement and we have not been able to get in to l-e because of 19, we have not been able to prepare for our clients here okay. She is coming back she is coming I was going through listening to you okay how are you listening great having both on screen and on stage what's other main differences and somebody once said E TV is like it's a week is like ah looking looking at someone still dressed up watching someone trust up but if the air is like touching their skin so it's like a looking at your dress that's television because you are there I see I imagine I create my own store but if the air that you seen someone acting and retailing second role and then yeah Everything every theater, there's no cut take two whatever is going on in the theater. That is what is happening. In fact, it is a reminds me of what's happening in real life in real life. Once you make a mistake, it's there forever you have to live you have to give so if it is when you are on there in theater when you're making a mistake to improvise you don't Seth. I'll try Kennedy as you can, but you improvise. and that's that's what. Become a good answer in fact, if you get most award winners, you'll find you'll see they've got a theater background. so that is why it's important to have a proper training if you're going to be an actor or something that I've learned along the way because as you know, I don't have any formal training as an actor, It's things that are picked up along the way and yeah, I just went with it. I just read with them but it is it's it's beautiful because if you have to cry you are here. The audience is sometimes you just choose one person and talk to them and they can feel the connection with Wow. This person is acting for me and you have to be in there in the moment as an actor because as a as a as a TV, sometimes it just before they say action you're on your phone. You're like. yeah, you did you see that. What do you see what your Twitter and what you guys and ready cameras put aside and then you start talking but with TV. You are there from the moment the audience you are there. You are the 100 percent you are there and so that's if the person and I make a mistake you don't go back and say, Oh, you're not supposed to say that but you see that made a mistake or the forgotten the line you improvise right there and then so that makes you very sharp as an actor and like I said most people who are excellent TV actors. They've got a theater background. so if you're not an actor. I just get used to go into the watching our show because they will also give you a love to to appreciate but the excess do because many people think acting is is not easy trust me it's a journey there are here to realise the past nine ten years in acting is got easy you find people ah I look at for example is a brilliant actor and but when you see him on Waouh. Wow has been a celebrity change your life. And my celebrity Yes, you are you are celebrated wherever you go people wanna take full you're on and I have to do it everywhere So whether you'd like to put it or not What's how has been I think in your life and I love you Many different people. To take your time to explain you let me to do that. Take your time to explain to us how it has changed your life, good and bad. Yeah, USA. I'm saying I'm gonna be so how is it affected my life? I think you really we go through stages of of realizing what acting is or what being a celebrity and how of how it changes your life and at first when you become famous, you get excited and in fact, I've identified a few stages and through my own experience at first, you become very excited. Because some people do TV because they want to be they want to be seen. they want to be famous and then they become famous and then they become recognized and so that's stage number one you get excited when people recognize you when people ask for pictures. It's very nice. It's very exciting and you begin to look forward to it and then as the months pass by as the years go by, it is not only surprising that people are recognizing you, but it is expected. And because people recognize you, They start giving you a preferential treatment you get to a place. they give you a VIP section and you get to a place somebodys selling a mom for example, somebody could be sitting this cap and they'd be like 40 - two. Can you just take a picture with this and tag me so you start getting things for free. You didn't expect that you just wanted to be famous but now it's coming with prayer. you get stopped by cops and they're like Madonna win. Hey. Hey. yeah. I'm so happy to see You I you. So those things become a new world for you right and then the second stage is you are not surprised by them, but you expect them. That's when it becomes a problem you get to a place and you expect to be given A- one preferential treatment and two to be given a VIP section and then you begin to expect things for free because people have spoiled and and and and number three you begin to expect the attention okay. When those when that stage happens it's a very dangerous stage now stage two is a stage that requires you to be spiritually air crowded and emotional and to have the emotional intelligence because it is now very easy to start thinking you are better than other people just because you are getting the presidential treatment stage number three is determined by how you handle state number two states number three is when you begin to demand certain kind of treatment because that's how you been It all along so people have been giving you things for free people have been inviting you to this event and I've been saying big things to you. Oh wow. I'm so happy to see you blah blah and everything nice that people say Tomas up and you begin to think about it just because a woman is looking at you. You see a full because so many women have told you Gui. They're my crashed so mistake number three you begin to demand the things that we're giving to you for free at first, which is very dangerous. So I have this. If identified these three stages your emotional intelligence will determine how you handle the stage in about three, which is when now you know when you get to a place that number one people recognize me and number two people wanna say hi people don't take a picture and some and then that stage is when it is no longer exciting to be stopped by people at the airport, which and somebody wants to take a picture and you know so they can be very frustrating sometimes but like I said how you end. Mistake number two will determine how you handle it stage number three. you no longer are excited about taking selfies, but people are excited when they see you don't wanna take a picture with you and it's the first time they see. but when maybe you are seeing the twentieth person that wants to take a picture with you and maybe not having such a good day after all, but of and for the first time they don't know if you're having a bad day, they don't know you they don't or they see is wow. Yes, this guy that who's work I admire so much is in front of me and I wasn't born before you're seeing me for the first time. I'm having a bad day or maybe some sometimes you meet people and some people will be adjusted this one guy. He comes to me, he says. Hey, nine and I just told me about and then he takes off my head and I'm like why am I just go on like how about money he hasn't even asked for the picture. you gave me one. And he doesn't put it back. you know, sometimes you get angry because of how some people treat you. But when I meet the next person that person doesn't know the kind of experience I've had with somebody else. so it takes a lot of emotional intelligence and spiritual growth to be able to handle people as they come because they are really excited to see and how you treat them regardless of the kind of day you've had that's the picture that they would have. So I I think I've had to learn to be emotionally intelligent about things and sometimes people say the most hurtful things about us on social media or when you want to other, they've never seen you. They've never met you. They do not know you from a part of Soul, but they will have opinions about you. I take this this this. it's very important. Okay. I'll put you on on YouTube. Okay guys. it's still taking a phone call. it's a very important phone call. he cannot not take it. Please let us wait for him to be done on the phone call and the meantime are you guys making sure you are wearing your mask when you go to public places. Are you making sure that? Are washing the mask Are you making sure that you are not going out unnecessarily because there are people waiting to dance people are waiting to 10 on your on your day guys. so don't give people lender would say. but but but but but Babu don't be don't be like that and let me see if we have any questions for unos when it comes back and here's. Gramm please subscribe to his Instagram Well. Instagram is not subscribed. Follow him on Instagram. Very much a guy. Hi, you're back. Thank you too. Yes. I'm back. I was just listening watching a show and Janelle I promise you. I will not get frustrated when I see, but also sometimes I like that you said about a spiritual ritual maturity because sometimes. People who get more excited and they act out of character because they didn't to be the person and you must remember that people as much as you know the people, but you visit them. you are in the sitting room every night. So today I'm on you have a best friend. They even have a nickname for you as a family. Maybe they even went to as you maybe in the area where they are called to because of you so when they see they. My face, they say a friend. yes, that's true that's true. and then this celebrities are also humans cuz sometimes you might be going to a funeral you might be coming from a hospital and you just received some bad results and people are seeing a character they have Muslim in and they expect to do much to do you know. Yeah. So it's. And in a way that you that maybe we can share with the people that are watching you know, sometimes you get to an event, There's like thousands of people. I kid, you know, sometimes it's possible to take pictures with over 20 people over 300 people. Iming isn't and everybody. I think a picture once a small talk during the peak before the picture or after the picture and it can be very frustrating to try and have a conversation with this one and they are like 20 other people. And sometimes women and there's like many other people that want to take pictures. It's like it's very difficult to say Shafer, you know, because sometimes one and there's a lot of people that want to take pictures. so it's also about being sensitive to other people that want to take pictures with you know some people have been a fool period. They don't care about others. It's about them. Yes, It's about. What I want, I can reach out and get someone else. Yeah. it's it's difficult. Have you attended any pumpkins like weddings and things during this knock down because people have been having things sometimes online. Sometimes they've been doing them with the limited numbers. they're allowed to have you attended things like weddings and funerals. Ieds No-I have been there anyway. and I attended one on the but then after that I have attended any and also because sometimes my wife is like I now and yeah you know we have got like serious twenty-first century wives who are like a Of reach you, it's it's it's it's it's it's a serious challenge for a more than men to adjust to the role of a modern husband who has to deal with the modern life who is empowered who is who who who who can speak who are eloquent. So maybe it's a conversation for another day, But as men, how do we handle a powerful woman and by powerful women? I'm not a bully. A strong independent woman yes, because some women think being a strong woman means being a bully, you don't have to be a bully to be strong. And some people think they are strong because they are the ones who are bringing imagine that's more than that the men's many and they important in a relationship yeah because most of the voices there there there there there there one of the top three reasons is number one number two number three lakh of communication so it is a very big grow but we are Scatty that has come to define itself by how much I have what do I try what kind of how do I live in so as long as I can do better in that regard, then I see myself as better than other people who can better than me in that regard, but we have somehow forsaken wound to for the sake of Iman and things. But what are your life is much more than just those things. And what would you say to young boy growing up in the town ship in the rural areas ah who wants to be in the future how should they prepare achieve their dreams I would say don't take care even may a new show then we have to show Can you have what we should and we're gonna be having also issue about spreads what bread winners are saying that actually understood hey, let me just tell you a very short story about a friend. It's it's it's a silly joke and so this man had work for many years and then eventually he got a job and on his birthday. he came back with a 90 KG asylum left aaha 12 midnight. Becky says you know at the House, they're like who's there and he says. But the same guy who I've never met before one of the sudden he's afraid he has told you what is funny. Yeah the misconceptions of doing so great When I say, so we will be having a show about I'm here with us very soon with us. Yeah US with one point one to be almost in Savana. I would say to that young man to that young woman who would say number one. Have to find your own discover your own purpose why were you created why to god create you and what does good one for me why what is it that god once you to accomplish as when yourself because your journey is not like the journey of somebody else that's number one number two once you discover what it is you are created for then try and get to know as much as possible about your field of calling you try to know as much as And read as much as you can, And if, for example, you wanna do marketing, you must be at least a book a month on marketing you must watch on my YouTube videos on your marketing, you must know more than anyone else in that field. It must be a filled with people somebody once said. what is it that people think about when they think about you? So ask yourself who would you let your we must start and you must know everything that is to know about the field. Watch When you take a drive, we are still using the materials. What manin there must be one thing Oh shit on that You master and theys in the and then you must know everything about something which I thought was very powerful. coming from someone on the mind is a taxi driver is that basically. Know something about everything and you must know everything about something so you must you must go out of your way to know everything there is to know about your chosen field number. three. you must ask yourself what is the price that I need to pay in order to be the best in my field and then you must resolve deep down in your heart. I'm going to pay the price to get there. Nothing in life comes easy. That's number one and. I generation that wants to come with a plan. you know he came with a bang. I was listening to a professor in digital Gemma when he said, when people begin to know him, he had been in the game for 15 years. so for 15 years, this guy has been doing the groundwork so some people will see you and they will think no it's Aric Theater next month, but nobody knows you haven't done it. You haven't learnt at the feet of the Masters and the people that know better than you and so. Having down all of that but you want to be the best you make to appreciate the importance of small techniques never ever under estimate or doubt that important of small beginnings don't always check for granted the fact that ah people started small I remember and there was a businessman or to meet Zoom and that man businesses here Rajiv supermarkets yet a lot of businesses Fue llamada Therefore, for granted the importance of small beginnings, start small and grow from there don't come with the pain because you will fall with the pain. Yeah and especially these days. we have a lot of 15 minutes of fame and a lot of this reality TV star and then and then take it and then we have a lot of people who who will do anything to be famous and that's to point to that. they are happy to post. It on social media selling yourself with your body so that you can have and you can have and I'm on my likes and followers don't I'm I'm not judging anyone but maybe I am judging you but I'm okay with my judgment. Eii Mohan but don't do something over Gui. It will cost you Ghana. I'll make an example you in the office in the early two thousands. I was I used to take care of myself. I used to go to gym and stuff like that. so this lady who was owning a White woman who owned a night-club. She comes to me, she says. Msie you've got such a lovely you-know-who. There is such a big market for Mainers and I was like, she says. Yeah. That was I was any $1500 a month, and then this woman says to me we can make 1500 trades a day as a main streeter. But I said to her my destiny is so bright I cannot afford to sleep now for money knowing what tomorrow I'll be such a great person, so I believe in my own greatness, even when I had nothing and I knew it would one day I will be greater eh, a much greater man than I was back, then so even though it was very enticing to think of what I make in a month, I can make it in one day. I knew deep down in my. Totti It's not worth the price. I have to pay to get where I'm going because I'm destined for greatness, so I didn't do the job as a as a young boy. but imagine imagine. I'm a husband. I'm a father. I'm if I'm a vika who are too many people in shain and this is to me of me, p-make to somewhere that are getting for some women you imagine that happening now almost 10 years later, a video was never. Yeah, you know so there are things that we do to get away from certain situations, but they will catch up with us later and an example, this woman who tweeted a racial ssss against black people. she was destined for greatness, but because of a Tweet she had to pull back from Missa Africa or Miss Universe. Imagine that because of something you did long ago. so before you post naked pictures of yourself even though everybody ask me. Doing it Ask yourself in 1520 years time will not be proud of this decision and then from that that your destiny believe in your own destiny with greatness. We're you don't have proof you are great. Now you see it tomorrow is a much better day than today. Thank you so much. That means a lot, especially in this time where everyone is everyone is trying to get a quick cash. everyone's trying to survive and it's been. Alim that everyone has a phone so whatever you're doing can easily end up on social media even when we're looking for jobs even applying for visas. Now, they want to know more pendants. they will look for you. They will Google you what to do right people to see when they should H E, and there's a question that a lot of people have asked that during this conversation, that is this Paga Manni Kaila is asking the same question. Yeah. it is my I was my we are. Want to know they they, they say? Bye. Yeah, and it's true. I'm leaving this buyer but on a good note, I had a very good conversation with the one of my producers Mura and they wished me well in my future endeavors. it's gonna be a great role that I'm going to do in a great show but at the moment, I'm not at I'm not ready to say what that is until they handle the media and the media. I'm coming in one capacity, but there's a lot of false information, but it's not true. It's not true. I've left my IS, but many of what has been circulated. It's not the truth, but it could be revealing time. Nice. people are very grateful for your wise words, Ezra wise words from a very wise man. I'll send you my God bless you with this shows. We are learning a lot every day so much and I we are really grateful to have you what advice can you give? Regarding a before we get to the last segment of the show. And take care of yourselves take care of yourselves eat less junk food. It's a fresh foods. eat fruits, it''s vegetables. don't overcook your food drink a lot of water to sleep. You know we change the way we can never over emphasize the importance of sleep Aslan because Sheba Hering hectic at what price soad. Hours a day people make you feel time to next time alright healthy so it right strict lot of water it good food it fruits drink water a sleep and take care of yourself go to gym run talk don't just be a potato take care of yourself you know one of the most beautiful things that god has given us is a human body you know all the things that got created there is nothing even scientist say there is nothing as beautiful as magnificent as the human break so god has given us on he has given us this beautiful bodies if you don't take care of your body at the age of fifty it's starts to fail but if you take the age of sixty at the age of eighty ninety your body can still tell you once said if the end results in your mind about your life is such that you want to leave and old age ask yourself what kind of the body is going to carry you through to the finish line you don't reach age of ninety so cool because you did not take care of yourself as a young man as a young women so take care of your body one if you strong walking everyday for an hour I've been mentioning working to it You don't have to start by doing what 25 kilometers we can start with two kilometers, run and run and run and jump and then Zara. Yeah so that's very important I need to ask you would you rate You need to be very, very, we are very honest, so would you rather be locked down on stage five with Jacob Zuma Raa Julius Mali or Donald Trump. I would rather be looked down with and that's a very kind of I think it's a very colorful colorful to for my perception of him, he loves people people love him. He's got charisma so I think I would rather look down with him because I also think he's got stories to tell stories for days and in time to see him and he respects is seem to for that. I think I rather have a chance with him even though I'd love to. A chance to other people, but from the group or that you mentioned, I would say, would you rather lose all your shoes or lose all the photos that you've ever taken? I lose the shoes. Why your collection of I don't have no Yasser. Interestingly, eh. I love to dress up and look good, but I don't dress expensive. i You invest on the body, not only one. it's not my fault. I met good things look better. Listen. jail for four years for something you didn't do okay away with something horrible that you did My first answer would be I'd love to get away with something that I did, but this one I'm in the prison Ministry. I'm understand what it's like to be in prison. I'm a born again Christian I think if I were to go to prison or evangelize and by the time I come out, I'm definitely show there are people that will end with my which is, of course as well. So, my answer would be four years, but my answer would be to get away with murder. Or you have a million dollars to yourself or have your neighbor win 10 million dollars. I have dried out win one million myself. Five whatever I'm gonna give you I'm trying to think about. Would you rather lose your Heights and be a very short man or lose your team? Oh, no. I don't know what this is. I don't know what the second question is, but no I would not that was my height. Yeah. So yeah. Yeah what you're saying you're gonna be too late. You're gonna be a toothless talk to men. Yes. I you know I can go to a doctor and I'm a but you. Bye. Show people that are very taken for granted and so grateful for the team. I would rather live without the car. The Internet Mobile That's where the world is going that the Internet is the future I can Uber. I can yeah, I'll draw that live with the Internet and not with the car and last one is from muli Kaba. Thank you for this with or lose your wedding ring. We have already lost my wedding ring idd to keep my beard. why did you loose your wedding ring we need to know I wasn't the gym and I as I was doing my best dress is it fell and I lost it I never found that ah that was in my second of the year of and we have been married for like ten years now and so the ring is not so important nice so much more for pink of our conversations we really appreciate you wish you all the keep coming and let's you some people have such a house discipline myself and stick to only asked for an hour of your time and I understand you I very Thank you for 10 minutes. Let's let's give an extra 10 minutes guys. I love you so please don't ask. We have an extra 10 minutes guys. at okay for me. maybe before you ask a question, I get to the question why they are still coming and I'll just want to say sometimes I am in awe of the love that I get on the streets that I get on social media every now and then maybe one person in A hundred would say something negative, but I must say media has been very good to me. You guys have been very good to me the things you say to me and my family for that. I'm really appreciate. And Thank you very much. God bless you. Thank you so much and guys I have just I hope you do not follow Oui on social media, especially on Instagram. yes. just sent in link for Instagram lease to follow him on his Instagram there are no more questions people as saying how much they feel I think everyone is just Russian many questions in the in in the beginning we had a lot of questions in the and how I know what you are a Christian yes how has paying a Christian help you in your life what has has it help you I will answer you but you know what I thought you ask I thought you Christian in African ask you not gonna ask me English is not my first language in my mind I was asking Okay, And that's a nice question you see I'm an African and as you can see how long that Herz Zulu and I'm a proud very very, very proud to zoom in and I don't think is a better than anybody else and by the way I think it's just another. It's just another culture but I according to the reading that I have done, I've realized that it is a lot of our day and they are. Of the truth I strongly believe now after my research who will see Jesus Christ is the lord and savior and I strongly believe which she was not a white man I head and however the principles and the truth that he preaches for example many religions each about The truth about their religions being a way to the truth, but Jesus Christ says. I am the truth and when you listen to his teachings and even youma Gandhi, who has a hi by the way the Moz, which he does, he feel he is the true God He did say what he Jesus Christ is the true God. However, I love Christ, but I don't love the Christians for many reasons and the main. As far as Christians and there are many things that we do with Christian that put people off in Christ, however, according to what I have read what I've come to understand in the Bible and what I've come to understand is the depth of the word of God. I've come to say to him, I can I can be an African and be a Christian, but that doesn't it's I know I do that. And I don't want to judge people to do that, but I would love to engage with people who do it so that is when you sign up for the truth, but when you read the Bible and not just listen to the pastors to the prophets to the apostles and all these titles that we get these days when you search for the truth for yourself, you find the truth and you find the bootsy, for example, the teachings dutchess and and and the love that he for people. I always make this example as Christians we. Judge people that they will says ah that doing the wrong things but when you look at the Bible says was very quick to reach out to us he was very quick to reach out to prostitutes to to take collateral and everybody who did something wrong or Christ his life was that I am here to serve this people and to leave them to god but is Christians what put people of about us is that we become And we become Chas self appointed judges and instead of evangelizing to the people. What the truth of God is, we judge them and show them what is done for me and one is a wrong answer And yes, I went to a technical with you, but you know the life we lived as young people. I'm a child who's who's fornication and a whole lot of things, but. Showed me who he even though I was that sin, he still loved me so the same love that he showed me is the same love that I have to show to other people. Reading What my career and Oh, by the way I tell you which is which is when he his life was threatened, God said to Joseph, take your child and take him to Africa. We just went to the cross and when you could no longer carry the cross, they got someone to come and help you with the cross. He was a black man from a. So we just because a religion has been used wrongly by those who wanted to oppress us. It doesn't mean who Christ is a bad man of Christianity is bad, but when we get to understand who Christ is in your life because you are the truth is there are more experience and the good spirit and I don't I usually don't want to encourage people to read this book. There's a book called the book. Eno, which talks about the different Angels, the truth tell you is one there are two parts in the path to life in the path destruction. Choose wisely. Yeah, I can't hear you You're muted. You are mutant. Oh sorry. It's Thank you so much we are learning. It's such a powerful I don't know even know what to say they want to know what book are you reading? I'm reading the I'm reading a book by Tim Melani TV, Call Megan Culture Culture Culture just zushi Toya and so many you want be a toy. That's what I'm telling you. I'm reading a. By all, it's called the way of wisdom and he's one of my very favorite authors that I love so much and I'm also reading a book by JK Moser event. that's what I'm really gonna match my hometown. I was born in my hometown Eur Barba, who said but my name. E é isso? One time I have a question question. We ain't one. I think. Singing I was Yeah it was It's and I worked with him in a show called for a TV the sweetest man ever. it was a wonderful project it was one of the best in fact it was my first lead as an actor you harvest amazing for me because when I came back to Bombay ah that's what I became the chief reject I think after they saw the show they realized which is know I can actually do justice to the role of a chief yes and remember some of the best time to have Country such a beautiful opportunity. Let me tell you a secret, I was once I was once asked in an interview which female access with I like to to act with as either my wife or my girlfriend and I Saida mandi a year later I was it's my girlfriend and I married her. Now, throw me so Sori may be in conclusion with their with regards to this to this question to this testimony the Bible says I think in the book of prophets ah twenty eighteen plus nineteen and twenty the book of says the power of life and death is in the time so be very careful of the things you say don't say things that you do not want to see being made manifesting your life if you do not want to experience it don't say it now powerful people who want to be groomed by you too And send me an inbox and booking that follow me and send me an inbox and at the end of our school Maker' actually what did you do sports wants to know what did you want to do before acting? I wanted to be a Catholic priest. Kung I must tell that story one day I wanted to be a nun. I think there's something about the Catholic church, especially when you go to a boarding school and they are all the way they do things. There's something that just says I wanna be a part of that, but I follow through and yeah I I did exit. Would you rather have a side chick or a second wife? My wife would kill me for either, so I'd rather have none of those. When people are connected with their own ancestors this is a very sensitive question, but I will answer it as much as as much sincerity as possible. I don't think or say or Eaton, but I do believe what he can I can make themselves to be to and they can start communicating with you as if they are. Ancestors your ancestors They are not, but demons can make themselves to be and to to come as you answers yourself in your dreams or in or whichever media. So we have I wouldn't say, would she say no, I don't need anymore? However, a person I'm Saab Amon because I'm so because I'm now. Since it's the last I understand which I have a direct connection with God I know long I need to go to I need to go straight through Jesus Christ who is the way they truth in the life no they are not I can I talk that we've got yes you can Let's let's engage in the ancestors. ask yourself who is a Zoom mancha Copains and let's go back to the Bible in the book of Genesis, the Bible says When Adam and Eve sinned, we're gonna slaughter than any to cover their shame so in order for men to be totally forgive. They need because the Bible says the blood of pools and calls it does not take away our sin, but it covers our sin. So it's like when we do the slow and the last 35 and you are not dealing with the issue and over for that Jesus Christ says. My blood is is I do not buy you with my with silver gold, but I buy you with my plan my innocent blood so it is like. Lona and that's we're gonna have a plan for and for us as mankind Hess Butz, dass, who wants to take the plan back from Musa and give it back to mankind to say you're no longer need the blood of Goss. You know, I need the blood of Pms because Ella Gaza has made you in good standing with our heavenly father, so you can talk to God in Jesus Christ. We got to buy a House without having to buy you know. to your heavenly father so and to cover the shame Ahmadabad please Tu vas avoir africaine? And you know later, I can be a and all those things, but it was a White man who who said it's going to be now 11 cows and we have made that into our country because it benefits us because we like it and we need to come back and talk about this conversations about the things that we do when we need to talk about the problem with Ebola inzi cuz there's so many things. We do which we're not part of our culture, which were imposed by our organizers that we now own as a culture, even when it comes to White wedding people will say no, you can't postpone it as if it's part of our culture we will get hurt are the things that are not ours, and some of them will end up even doing them wrong as we will have a show, especially in you know and in such things that we have embraced as part of our culture, which are not right. Yes. Yeah, I'm African and you must learn about your history if you want to or you know drama are you? It's a it's an advantage to do drama because you get to learn the ches of how to handle certain situations. How to access your emotions. How to understand the it's not just about living the lie and say what is. पाँच unake example उसका लेनी is ah very good actor driver but because of it's training as an he took the made it memorable one but watch chief was able to do that because of the tricks he had of taking what's been reaching on paper and making it an excellent and ah excellent correct Bradley I know you want to know what it does so exactly that's what always told me because I used to complain to him and say I increase my credit is small and you would say that I know more cuts, they're only smells so please be a big actor who's doing a small character and it will grow. And it did it did what I want to know if listens to me and I don't think we'll see a head of your ring tone. wenn sie hier I love the music and one of the shows that I do and it's a show called the voice of Mahan. maybe this time we'll talk about it but that's the show like the voice of Mahan when you go. So no, and it was this social Dist and you must come back and talk about the shows you do when you have dates or pointing the happening. Yes. definitely yeah. So thank you for your testimony. What advice would you share to us youth? I will share an advice in the book of Justice in the book of Ephesians, it says, seek the Lord of God in your days of youth. There's something in fact you you're also ask me this question, which causes by Christian they are so many temptations of their attention. You had it not been for my knowledge of Christ. I'm telling you what I got in peace, but because of my love for Christ in the fear of God, I am God is easy and because I know that it does not please God so engaged. Got where you are still young because Proverbs chapter three verse five and six. remember the Lord your God in all that you do acknowledge him so that he will straighten your path. We wouldn't go or in everything you do in a Issa. There are many things we do as young people tell you where they are so many people that are in the past away because. Happy but if at the time we knew the truth, there's a lot that we would not have done. Thank God you and I are here today to be a testimony Goku carried us, but there are those young people who start drinking water and they become Alcoholics. We started doing drugs and they lost their minds along the way. Why Because you moments when there are things you've never do even if your heart. Do second things but when you have a fear of god that these wouldn't do you won't even imagine second thing and that you go to a religion I am talking about an intimate relationship with God the give you go and the more intimate you go God he becomes he becomes your guide he he starts to to reveal second fruits to you about second things to you don't around seven people going to Dwells in you, he tells you don't cheat with certain people don't say such things and you'll be so uncomfortable. sometimes it's certain things and God will say you will feel so uncomfortable and God will say to you. Why did you say that about to change you? Why did you contribute more fitter the shaba and that's the Holy Spirit talking to you so the more that the sooner you develop a relationship with God the better for you so that he will guide you in all truth or to you soon. I'm going to the father and I'm going to ask the father to send the Holy Spirit who will be with you and he will reveal all truth to you so when the Holy Spirit starts to reveal when you have a an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit, I'm not talking about church, but when you begin to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit, he starts to guide you, He even guides you about your own career or what you know don't take this take that the book of Isaiah says. I will whisper in your ear. Go this way and go. So, what would I advise you to do as a young person? stay close to God? He will guide you and the beautiful thing with that is also even when temptation comes and you are not alone you-know-who even though there are no flesh eyes of the flesh that are what you mean, Yes on so even things officials that we have it prevents you from doing a lot of things Uber relationship no woman all. And we had to call on Sunday. Okay, So I'm on this. Yeah, but we had a Tedx connection before Christianity. I think most of the detach on this one with a local our ancestors communicated directly. I think me and now we're in in what you are saying about that relationship with God through. Through our own ancestors, I'm looking forward to this conversation. Thank you so much. I think this is a conversation we should have as Africans, especially it's not growing up our parents just did things and explain why they're doing them. so we need to be that situation the pages that explains to our children why we're doing this, not just say our culture. It's our but what does it mean and what did it start So we need to be that Gene okay we have to interpret things. Have to ask ourselves Why are certain things done in a certain way and there's nothing wrong, but we are also doing the difficult questions. it's it's it's unfortunate, which is some of the pastors are not spiritually mature themselves. Where is that to ask questions and answers then I need Amon. Why was the no gave us brains so that we can be curious and ask questions and if we ask questions, Sincerely Andre search for the truth and not just for the artists that you want to hear. I'm definitely sure we. Get down to the bottom of the truth, and we know who the truth is and what the truth is, I look Jango. it's Iga Sasa Jul. We should go back and and and unfortunately, I was still very young Christian, The Gats Casto and I allow it to happen but if I am to. Now, I will not do but also in the in you have to understand what does it mean? Why in your how about that and God's beating you young team because it's an easy solution backed by the ends now, I'll just make an excuse I U M and the intention who we are told many cases to have you ever into. Gates' Wise's ask yourself Why I asked the question. Do you know what the answer is? Please tell us what kind they understood and if you want to that's what I want to and I move so the people abad they move to be called and what's involved. Admitted by but because it was understood to be a disinfectant, It was the detour or penalize It was a sanitized so okura. What guess what and what is what Jess Bambi because it was understood it was my it was so I was I was with we have. Jango because Gucci and we don't even understand why it's 19 webos Bao is Aoki and a song because it's all about understanding the Bible says. my people perish for lack of knowledge so we have to ask ourselves what other city are easy to imagine why was it done that way? Hess are in the jail because unfortunately. Seen to we don't want to challenge in those because we just become sentimental things and we say yeah but before yes but before that was another is cut some but what is my self send their price you have to pay your she is impaired for no pay that price you know so I think it's Because Whoso Soma, but like I'm saying we have to interrogate things and not be sentimental about things and that is very important because especially when it comes to our culture. We really need to have that show because we do not question him so much so that even some of our traditional attire when you look what. You ask yourself why is this become a traditional attire because this was if she never-never colonizes when they arrived including our blankets with suits including outfits and this is the traditional outfit. This was what was special to the colonizes when they arrived and you know we've we've taken it and made it into our traditional outfit. It's not our traditional outfits in we're saying it's a traditional outfits, and I also that sometimes we are very disrespectful to those who need. Before us, If I say, I still wanna do things the way they would have been done by 18:04 AM, I saying that would not have am I saying they would not even who who who he changed. I called and made them a different so Kings after him would also have improved in so we would not still be discarded in what's it was done over the colonizes came or not whether White people came to Africa or not still we would have still progress and improve and discover things. That's why people who invent things. As we develop so sometimes I feel like we really need to talk about that and what's relevant in the time that we live in now, Yes, none of us. What are we doing for 1801 1900? Was it not an improvement of what they were doing what 1800 now, so ask yourself that exactly. Yeah look this is this is someone who lives in Africa and they call this the traditional attire. Yeah this traditional I'm sorry not being disrespectful, but sometimes we really need to like almost staying looking to who we are this this just getting deep now Got Next time to discuss about Genesis 20 - seven verse 60. We want you back so I will talk to him and will just take it. And Wendy Funny enough Was' Christine. I was the moment I found myself in a acknowledged in many things fell into place. I guess it's all personal journey. I do I do agree with you and also I do think we have a problem with past who think being a Christian means forget about being an African right-I say you can do both but you need to question the things you are doing both as a Christian and. An African yes you need to which is why reading is very important. I recommend let me start by this book. I will recommend this book. You have very Russia. I will recommend this book by Miel Whites about the power of the blood he goes back into what we did this Africans and you're you Interestingly when he goes deeper, he tells you what he We are not only Africans are Asha the Aztecs Barbi shaba the culture where it is now Mexico, the Asian cultures in the Americas, the ancient cultures in the European in the in Europe they used to slaughter and it's not for our plant, but he he into the cases that and gets deep into it, for example, if blood covenant, it was one of those covenants that were said to be unbreakable. If, for example, we agree. Something busy busy you catch yourself here. I cut myself there We shake hands and this was understood now that my blood is in your blood. We've got it covered and that cannot be broken so in the way blood covenant Iman Africans so we can be emotional about it, but we are not the first ones so I really would encourage people to try and get this book the power of the plant and another book written by Francis Vero and he's Nigerian. But now he is also writing apart from the power of the can you see it yes yes you can see so this get these two books and understand what is the blood government how did start why was it done is it still necessary to be done now after Usha so that's why I am saying I find it very important to interrogate things ask yourself questions about things before you call them your culture for example We are still wearing Africa, but in Egypt as Eddie as the days of all Noto Moses Abraham is Eddie as the days of Abraham, the Bible says when Abraham go to Egypt, he found these people were living in the city. These people who are wearing a fabric. they were not really Cuba. Abraham was really neat. But these people that he found there in Egypt they were wearing so as early as three 4000 5000 years ago in Africa, there was and a different culture than what we call the March in Egypt was the Center of the world in Egypt. That's where it lands. They are civilization This Way. Rome took the civilization this way. The theory of pira comes from so all these things come from me-I so if. You know we are rejecting our own thing. Dizer que? I'm trying to make sure you can see what's yeah so these two books. Yeah. I've really encourage you to get these two books. Thank you so much and it's it's I was talking to one of I don't know I had to call them a traditional, but someone who's got very strongly about the African culture, especially South Africa and I was questioning them about indaba Faa and then she's explaining to me. It's very similar to what you said you are saying it was more of the continents. We want to pay that like you and in my job, which is why I. They're not even able to even in my connection. No-I Gabe Angeli has if we can, and I know they are like so you think about knowing you have touched on something very very important generations. And soul ties. It's a it's a conversation for another day on its own, but there are things that are still happening in our families because we are carrying generational cases. We have not broken generational cases. We cannot break those generational cases, no matter people. We must this immigration that breaks them you you don't. We must be protected that wasn't born rich but it make sure our children our. That comes after us, we'll be reach. Yes, I I just say something about about generational and sometimes each and every nation seems to have their own cases, for example in Africa's need Inta Okay, it is the right thing by listen. What's my friend and that's what? He's so I I try to make something very very and that we need to besser about naughty as a nation Africans and how much additional cases as Africans Africans, we have got our own cases that we have to deal with somebody made an example, for example, is is superior. I've been. I think by nature, they think superior and it's in it's in their blood. It's something they led long ago. They are superior. They are better and they go around claiming Allman incidence, but even if one part and the man Allan one, he will have the air of hurricanes about him even though you're in, I'm still superior to you. It's the case. I'll make an example, somebody was made an observation American presidents in. In the fifties and sixties, they used to die in the forties. Do you know why because the Native Americans cast them over it because they're stolen their land. None of the rulers are going to live beyond food and they used to type in and around the age of food until somebody said we need to understand what is happening. Why is this happening and there's a very powerful teacher of the word? we get it prints. And in one of his teachings, he took oh, maybe you can check YouTube and please write this down cuz it's very important. How To Break kisses. I think it's called how to break kisses and byer Prince DEREK Princes get it prints, he says in this in this video they had to go to the White House to break the curse that was placed on the White House by the Native Americans after that. Lived longer, I'm a I'm a US President so earlier on I touched on the power of the time the power and the importance of the things we say with our mouths, Sometimes we kiss our own children and say hey when God gives us a little and you've cast your child, you know, so we need to be very observant of the things that we've been carrying as our culture saying that over and over as if they are where they are not so we need to get those things and start to decree and declare new things. Me. I'm I'm Sorry, I didn't realize I'm getting a link to a video we were talking about on YouTube. I'm just posting the link guys. so if you want to Landa Derek Prince about how to break Kees Orly on the os's perfect information guys and it's not great like WoW. Where's the interrogates culture and match it with Christianity. Much love. Thank you so much and Mda and we're really need to to be the generation that surrogate for some like we had. We're doing a show in the week last week about Alu who learn to speak our languages and that they are capable They just refused to because we've just been so nice to them. And then it's it's got to a conversation with it is that the case and also be read the don't want to learn our language. I think that they are superior. It's in there. It's in the blood. Yes And then we were talking about. children and it's she was explaining see we must question the things we do some of them we still two things but they are really hurt of the opposite system that's how we suppose to then you children about finances we don't know we think the goal but it's the same time I wanna be a CEO but she must know how to clean you must know how to wash It's it's so comfortable we are one of us. What are the things that tells you that hi to us as black people? But what do we need to change for example every nation shaba profits from black people, but as a nation, let people profit from and we are so blessed to have all the resources we have everything I even about my people, our graduates and a person or or graduate. Names in business studies and then you're like. yeah why you're not working at. I'm not getting a job. Why are you waiting to be hired? Who's business? Do you wanna work for? do you think you are awake because in England's don't know why don't you start your own? Imagine if those people with those business degrees that I'm a talk show, wouldn't we be owning our own property rights right now, but no they're waiting. they want wait to employ them and use to his benefit. They never think it would be like if you have people who are doing the same business course. Why don't you get together and see how we can make it's better to them and make it better be modernizing it but make it yeah it's great that people it's 20 - six years after democracy. We're still waiting for a White man to give us a job with our degrees. Do you know what's the biggest problem? It's a lack of love? Yeah the moment we start loving one another trust me my solution is to we will yeah, hm the way the Holy Bible devices from Greek word Helios videos He has been Sun and video is the right from the ancient teaching word IRS, which means paperback shortly Holy Bible means. Facebook sun now the Christians don't wishing the sun that's ah this one of the things but Christianity it's not about worshiping the sun but when the roman catholic church began and it was the year three hundred and twenty-five eighty when the constant time put together different belief systems to form one religion so in the formation of the Christian church by the Roman Catholic change remember there is a difference between the church there was started by Jesus Christ by Paul by may few by by Pizza all those guys so there is a difference between their church and the church as it was taken over by the catholic church so when the romance The church and the Roman, the Roman Universal, It was what I think is we're gonna get to very soon. The one world is reaching in our age, but in the age it was about constant time trying to have a Romans control because they try to keep Christians, but they didn't die, but they refused to reject Jesus Christ So what they do They. It was because we cannot destroy the image of Christ and this new religion that this man Jesus has started he took from everyone to please everyone and then he took from this cwo from that from that, for example, the worship of Mariah in the Catholic Church, It comes from Regina Modi Regina in the Queen Modi, the the universe or the world, so he took from the romance he took from the Greeks he took from this order to make one that was going to please many people. this is why around sixteen century seventeenth century the lives of and ah the the reformer the chest went to court reformation when they rejecting the Christianity of their home catholic church because of saint saint these same that which will which was not so if the church went through a period of sugar in the deception Romans to create this one change and to stick to the truth, according to the records of the phone, So the truth is that it does not waste the Sun but it's like I said guys, let's get things and don't stop at something because you think you found the true love to stop keep searching keep tolerating because so that we can interrogate things. Very, very important points and now I'm on the go so guys please share this kind of videos and invite you to it cuz of the as tender name in my Africans. It's very important to toan and it's very important to realize that it's the we were one The Africa Was' Nigerian so that's 51 match and the right people came and divided us into countries and decided. We're not we're not going to take this and our friends to take this. they even look at the divided 100 to two countries because you wanted this path and and then I think we are not brothers anymore. So we're really really I wish and hope we could teach our history. That's why it's so important to me to have this platforms where we can come together and learn from each other and teach each other in a question things. Being a black child, the other thing is you cannot question in the do as I say that's why you do. Yeah. Jalen 10 guys. Thank you so much who is this of Egypt? What is the role that was played by Egypt Shain Longue Hms Remember President the former President will be he he was Mali to preserve in what is as a a team because we were ancient people, but not a. To him seriously, so I don't know what affiliate in Mesa. I'm a horoscope. What do you call horoscopes? I'm learning about the stars the formation of the stars It was in Egypt in the in the Great University of Alexandra. That's why people the whole world used to come to learn and that's the knowledge they took away to start a new and came back to teach us what we need, which is why today. Yummly We are learning things about nature from White people and I can't remember why wait the more on said we were we were in touch with him. KK before White people came to our nature Tomas through everything in the world, For example, for we use to tell about Echo watch and no food, we were learning from any moms because we're in touch with them and one of the things is we did not kill just for to go. Said be careful not to eat, but today it's about healing for me, which is why is the fruit on chemicals just so that we can make profit at the expense of health. Yeah, so we need to interrogate things and not just accept things really. Yeah. it's in no not just for sports, but that's to display the head of any man in your House. Chilling elephants by the millions just because you want your you want in the tasks. Yeah, we need to have thanks for answering I'll send you and we have this discussion conversation against about again about Christianity in African culture that we will definitely have it. I think it's a very important discussion especially when it comes to who we are, but people tend to confuse loving your African culture is being anti Christine and anti Christ and Christian is being against. Being African, so I don't know when we really need to to to to have this question answered Africa is a rich history. Yes, even the languages we speak sometimes when you tell people when languages come from cuz we look at Swahili. A lot of people think bhi is an African language no-I his father. It's a mixture of Jesus and when you listen to it. Speaks to a healing all the way in Kenya, you can hear the things they are saying the ene they stay in yoga. They say boozy you, you can pick up what you're saying, which means they were part of the bullies. It was an unni language that was then moved with other languages to form what is now for healing. So we we need to realize we are one. It's it's such a deep topic we really need to talk about and we can't stop. In things that have happened in 1804. change yes finances change even our roles and suspension wipes again we get started the same traffic because we can the same so why then now i come home and you say you wash and those watching who should find it shine And also this is a little may not even in my comedy. I talk about it, especially when it comes, I've been able to our people had and my hairstyle. yeah and we used trees for isn't Asia. I'm I worry about people who take pride in wearing hundred percent Other people's day cuz I listen. Continues continues to grow The hair is the last thing that stops going when I'm doing a fact. Hey guys. tomorrow is another exciting show We have OC Basham pana. It's gonna be hot. It's gonna be nice. be ready with your questions. Be ready to come and show us some love. It's gonna be a night. a nice show. same time Seven PM South African time We will meet you. please subscribe to my YouTube channel and if you have not please subscribe to my YouTube channel, I'm trying to get to a home once Thank you. Well, if you if you have not subscribed why not do the right thing and subscribe and let's us continue to have this conversations. I love you guys. Thank you so much. Thank you musique. We love you and we are looking forward to have you very very soon. please subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos subscription is free Maha

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