The Walking Dead Clementine Shoots Lee Decision | Facebook

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This still gets me every time 馃槩
Your stroke you can do anything That you're going to see bad. Stop It's horrible I could now you Please don't be one of them Please don't become a Walker only one think you can do you know that I don't know if I can you have to shoot me on me No It's okay It's okay That was standing over holding that gun was so hard Sorry, you're in that position Now I give anything for you not to be but you just have to avoid it at me Those your eyes be thankful You never have to see me as one of them you can do it I know you can I could do it I I can Christa they're outside of town by the train You remember how to get back there Yes They'll take good care of you Keep that hair short It will out. Cut it myself Great Good And also What What is it No don't worry Alright Me too

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