Vulnerable Australians stuck overseas during 2020 pandemic

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Scott Morrison has asked his ministers to help Australians stranded overseas, return home.

The focus is on the most vulnerable with airlines charging...

Posted 1 year ago

Luana Romano Castro 1 year ago

Had plenty of time to make their way back home , each case should be screened and only bring back the most vulnerable

Pia Hughes 1 year ago

We are happy to take tests before we fly home.... after all , that is a common practice on this side of the world.

Farhad Jan 1 year ago

My parents stuck in overseas can’t come due the flight as I checked 5000$ per person ...

Rieng Tran 1 year ago

They had 6 months to come home but they didn't. That means they are happy to stay there. Therefore no need to take them home

Sri Devi 1 year ago


Nina Tran 1 year ago

Ella Marquez grrr

Urban Gabru 1 year ago

Why not first take care of people in Australia on student visas or working holidays than sending aid to Lebanon. Charity starts from home.

Nanette Hunter 1 year ago

No,our boarders are shut,that means no one comes in,it's no wonder we are still getting C19.stop people coming back.

Deo Rao 1 year ago

Good to know in which country they are stranded .