Week 3: The House Comes Apart

Toxic masculinity issues lead to a major beef between Clint and Dondre. Tovah wonders if she should ever hook up with Clint after seeing some major red...
- Best friends!
- Turning up, yes. - I'm gay.
- Wait, really? - Yes.
[laughs] I'm a black, Christian
conservative. - I'm a virgin.
- You're a virgin? - In the Bible it says you
should save sex till marriage. - There's no kissing, all cuddles,
and that's all it is. I'm not a hater. [laughs] - I'm a man, too.
I will fight your ass back. - You're gonna smack
a drink out of my ------- hand? You're gonna get your ass beat.
Oof! - I'm down here at the ATL. - This is the true story... - Who are you texting?
[laughs] - Of seven strangers... - That's what I'm saying, man. - Picked to live in a house...
- This is crazy! - I'm looking for
some Atlanta peaches. - [laughing] - To have their
lives taped, streamed, and shared across Facebook. - What do you mean, no?
- To find out what happens... - You are not listening. - When people stop
being polite... - Oh, my God, y'all.
- And start getting real. - We're in hot-lanta, baby. all: The Real World: Atlanta! [upbeat music] - Get 'em!
[laughs] - That ---- don't count.
- What are you talking-- - From now on,
if it hit this white ----, that ---- don't count no more.
- [laughing] - What did you and Tovah
talk about yesterday? [upbeat music] - And I just told her... Tovah knows I'm into her. She's like,
"I don't want a relationship." She was basically
just kind of shutting me down, to be honest. I don't know how I really
feel about it because, like, normally I don't
ever have that. - Clint, he's actually
a pretty nice guy. 'Cause the talks that me
and Clint have at the ping pong table is just like, sort of like,
his sensitive side. I'll talk to her. - It's already settled up,
yeah. We're gonna have to get
on some girls tonight. - Yeah. It's hard for me
to navigate as a black gay man. We have this
stereotype about us. Like, there's all
different types of gay people. Not just a certain one
that TV shows always showing the black gay man to be. - God. - Look, I'm getting better. You ain't just beating
my ass no more. [laughter] [upbeat music] Justin, I need to find
a beard oil that doesn't leave
my beard dry. - Like, you just need
to get a new beard. [laughter]
- You're stupid. - I was really
listening and ready, bro. - I was like--wow.
- I was really listening. - [laughing] In my father's household,
I'm the oldest, so I've experienced
being the--the big brother. And Dondre didn't have, you know,
like a father figure role. And that's a very
difficult space to be in. - Honestly, all I recommend is olive oil and hot water. And, like, shower,
use the hot water, and wet your face like that. - Okay.
- Or, you could use the bidet. - Eww.
[laughter] [upbeat music] - Oh, ----.
Oh, ----. ----. I literally just
started a fire. ----. Okay, I'm really sorry. I will not do that ever again. - How many women
have you been with? - Um, like, three or four. - Were you with
a woman or a man first? - Woman first.
- Really? - Yeah.
- So, you came out to your mom? - Yeah.
It was actually pretty easy. - How is that? - They're super
supportive of him. But, sometimes,
when you're religious you can't even consider that. - I'm super religious. I grew up being taught it was always
one man and one woman. I don't want to say
the wrong thing. It's not that I'm
closed off to it at all. It's just that I'm trying
to make sense of it all. - Where was the craziest
place you've ever had sex? - In a cupcake shop.
- [laughs] - When it was closed,
at like 2:00 in the morning. - Don't eat cupcakes there. - What about you, Arely? - Church. - Shut up!
- [laughs] I swear to God. - She said what?
- Church. - Damn, girl. - I am going to Hell. - Yeah. - Oh, it's okay.
Everybody makes mistakes. - Who said it was a mistake? [laughter] - That's wild. - I'm gonna get ready. [upbeat music] - I think we're gonna
have a lot of fun tonight. - What do I want
to wear tonight? These, right? - Ohh. - Ew.
- Mm-hmm. - [groans] That one was gross. - You got anything, like,
to say about what you think is gonna happen in the house? - There's gonna
be hella drama, bro. - Between? - I wanna say the girls. - Yeah, I don't feel like
I'm ever gonna fight with you. - Yeah.
- I mean... I don't feel that way. Honestly, dude, like, you're probably my
second black friend. - Justin's the first.
[laughter] [hip-hop music] - You do farm and stuff?
- Yeah, I get plowed. - You get plowed?
[laughter] - He does the plowing.
- When I plow. [sirens wailing] - I love shots. [laughter] - When Dondre drinks,
he's a little out of control. - [laughing] - He gets a little sloppy. [laughter] - Clint's talking to these
two guys that's, like, following him around
the damn club, like, using him for the cameras. - Who the ---- are
your friends, bro? - Hater. Hater. Hater. - Hater.
[laughing] - I'm really not hating.
- You're killing me, bro. - I'm not. - Are you -------
kidding me right now? - I'm dead ass.
I'm not hating on them. Clint, he has this macho
demeanor about him. I'm a man, too.
I will fight your ass back. Like, what are
you talking about? - Bro, you owe me
a ------- drink. - I'm not buying you a drink.
- You just slapped it out of my ------- hand,
not doing ----? Yo, I will ---- you up. - I don't think Clint
likes to be told what to do. So, when Dondre hit
Clint's drink out of his hand, I'm scared because usually
if two guys are going at it, they don't care who's around
and who's gonna get punched. - That was ------ up, bro. Like, you don't even
know who the ---- I am. I could bitch slap
his ass through the concrete, and that's what I do at home. Nobody -----
with me like that. Slap your ------- drink
out of your hand, dude? Back home, I got
a reputation where I can fight. And Dondre, he has no idea. You're gonna get your ass beat. [exhales] I gotta talk to you, bro. Slap my drink out of my hand? What the ---- are you
thinking, as a man? - Toxic masculinity
is a real thing, and Clint is a bro. So when he's sober or not,
he's always gonna do that weird macho thing. - How you gonna be an -------
if you can't fight? - I hear you, bro.
- I will ------- kill you. - Oh, my God. - You will not kill me. - Oh, so you would
---- me up, then? - I'm saying you wouldn't kill
me, that's what I'm saying. - You don't think so?
- I know so. - You don't think so.
- I know so, you would not kill me. - So you don't think.
- I know you would not kill me. - I understand Clint's anger. Dondre was in the wrong,
but I'm not gonna stress myself out between two
drunk people that are in the midst of, just, some BS. - So you're gonna smack a drink
out of my mother------- hands. - No!
- Stop, Dondre. - I am.
- ---- you, bitch. - No, no, no, no.
- Stop. Y'all don't hit.
Let's go. Let's get in the car.
Come on. - [grunts] - I don't know why people
have to prove themselves. [chuckles] I'm just hungry--
I'm just very hungry. - Let's all go. - Baby, hey,
get in the back, please. - Bro, you're not fitting
to sit two seats away from me saying you're gonna kill me. - What was that? ---- you, bro.
- And you ------- missed. - Next time I won't. - Stop, stop.
- Stop. - Through your ----, bro. - Blow my ---- please.
Blow my ----. - You don't even know
---- about me, bro. Do you? Do you?
- Blow my ----. - Dude, I gotta get
the ---- out. I'm done. ---- that mother------, bro.
[grunts] - Clint's temper
kind of freaks me out. And I just don't, like, want that to be a pattern. That's what I'm most scared of. - All right, all right. [upbeat music] - [singing] Work. - Let's go. - It's 2:00 p.m. and Clint
has not come home yet. I text, "Where are you?"
I don't get a text from him, so I'm feeling
kind of, like, sad. - Wow, we're so far
apart from each other. Have we hit, like, our cap?
- On what? - Like, way too much drama.
- Way too much drama. - No, we just getting started.
- Whoo-hoo! - Dude, he was on
one last night. Like, the way he
was talking last night, I don't understand where
his anger is coming from. He has to have some,
like, demons happening. - Yeah, for sure. - I feel like it's the best
idea to not be with Clint, but he is my safe place
in the house. - Thank you.
- How do y'all always get y'all ---- first?
Everywhere we go. Nah, I'm just -------.
- Tovah's like-- Tovah's like, "Oh, here
he goes with this ----." [laughter] - [laughs]
- Yeah. You know, I don't wanna
get kicked off the show because
dude doesn't know how to act. - It's Clint. - Hold on,
I gotta call y'all back. I gotta call y'all back.
Bye. - Hello.
- Welcome home. - Are you staying? What? - I'm not gonna lie,
I'm still pissed about it. You know, I just gotta
be the bigger person. I'm just gonna -------
chill for a minute, man. - Yeah. - Well, I'm not mad at him. Why the ---- is he
mad at me, bro. For real.
- [laughs] - Clint, Clint.
Go, go, go. - You're not kicked off,
are you? - No. But yeah, like, I'm for real, still pissed off. - At him?
- ---- yeah. You don't just get
to be my boy like that. You ------ that up. - I see where you're
coming from, for sure. - Mmm. - I like, really, missed Clint and I,
weirdly, am very happy that he's not leaving. - Miss me last night? - Mm-hmm.
- No, you didn't. - I slept in my own bed
and it was terrible. - [laughs] You know, Tovah, man,
she really-- she really helped me out. I just needed it--you know,
get it off my mind, you know what I'm saying? - Hmm? - Yeah, are you
naked right now? - [laughs] - Tovah is walking
on dangerous ground. It's very confusing
to see you running back
to a destructive behavior that you say that
you stand against. She knows better,
but she's not doing better. [moody electronic music] - Who's like your
best girlfriend? - Hmm... Jordan. She don't know I'm gay, though. - What?
How is that your best friend if she doesn't know you're gay? - 'Cause, like, I don't
feel like I have to tell you-- who I have sex with, huh?
- I didn't know. I'm talking about,
that you like men. - Yeah.
- I couldn't tell. - Why you couldn't tell? - You're not very feminine.
The ones I meet are super-- - Like, flamboyant?
Yeah, and that's, like, the stereotype behind gays-- - Yeah.
- The whole thing. - The ones that, like,
are shoving it down my throat, I can't deal with. - So, like, you don't
support it or, like, what? - Just religious.
Just, that. Because in the Bible it says
one man, one woman. - But, it--the Bible also
says a lot of other stuff. - It does say a lot
of other things. - You can't eat a certain
type of way. - You're not supposed to lie, - You can't dress--yeah.
- Yeah, I know it does. I just don't want to be--
shoved down my throat. Where I come from, you know,
they're very, like, in your face about it,
and, if I'm in public and I have my three-year-old
niece and seven-year-old niece and there's two guys,
like, hooking up, I mean, that's when I kind
of have an issue with it. - If you're going to say
because you don't support something because of religion,
it's just-- you gotta be fair,
across the board with all aspects of life.
- Right, right. - Like, in the Bible,
it literally, flat out says, like, ----.
- You're not supposed to do-- - No--
- That are abominations. - Yeah, that are sins,
but that people overlook every single day. I don't think she knows
what we're talking about. You have your Bible, right?
- Mm-hmm. - Like, if we pulled it out,
we--we could find it. - I don't wanna pull it out.
- That's fine. Timothy 2:12 says, I do not permit
a woman to teach or assume
authority over a man. - So, do you agree with that?
- Like women teaching? - Yeah.
- Yeah, I think they should. - But the Bible says not to. You're not allowed
to wear jewelry, gossip, work on Saturdays,
have tattoos. - Why do you do all
this other stuff in the Bible that it says you're
not supposed to do? Are you, like,
half-assing your religion? Her religious views
or how she was raised isn't adding up.
I'm, like, willing to open up to Meagan
and express and share that experience with her,
you know, to help her find herself. - I don't know.
- It's a lot. - Maybe you should talk
to a pastor about it. - What they're saying makes
so much sense and I almost feel this guilt
for saying that, because it's, like,
why was I taught that? You know, if there's other
things in the Bible that we do, why is that one thing not okay? I feel like my whole
identity is being challenged. - You don't have to cry,
Meagan, honestly. It's nothing you
should feel bad about. - I know it's super confusing.
It's really hard. Oh.
- [sniffs] [sniffling] [breathing heavily] - It's really hard
to have your faith challenged, if you've known one
thing your whole life. To me, it's
important for Meagan to question
and challenge herself. - [breathing heavily] - Because once she
chooses to do that, she will also find
so much value in herself and so much more confidence. - I just wanted to make
sure you were okay. - I'm fine, it's just, like,
so [indistinct]. I'm sitting there getting
grilled and it's just, like, it's a lot, like--
now I'm gonna come off as this, like,
------- homophobic. - No, I don't think you will. Meagan, she surrounds herself with people that
have the same beliefs. So I really do see
where she's coming from, 'cause, you know,
when you put yourself in an area where you don't
really get questioned a lot, to being questioned,
it's like a whole new scenario. - Like, I just feel like
he thinks I'm judging him now. I don't want him to think
that because I'm so not, and I shouldn't have
even said anything. 'Cause I'm not
this mean person, I'm not a hateful person...
- No. - Like, at all. - I just don't want
people to think that I'm homophobic. At this moment,
it's really hard. - I don't take
---- from people, but with me and Clint,
I kind of thought about it. I was like, damn,
I really was doing too much. - You wanna talk right now? - Yeah, we can, man. You talk. - Well...
[clears throat] I mean, I think you get it,
don't you? - I apologize for slapping
your drink out your hand. I was just drunk, bro. - I don't know, man.
I just feel like I got ---- on all night.
You know what I mean? - Yeah, well, I apologize. I
wasn't trying to do that, bro. - Dude, you could've ------- do that to the wrong
mother------. - I'm not gonna disrespect
you and I don't want you to disrespect me,
basically. - You know, just don't be letting that ----
happen like that again. - No, I understand.
I'll let you know-- If we do have a problem,
I'll talk to you about it. So this is done? - Yeah, I mean, I don't-- Yeah, I'm done, dude. - We can still play
ping pong and work out? - [laughs]
Uh-huh... ----. We got a long time together. I'm not gonna be pissed at you,
we're not gonna make people feel weird in the house.
Like, whatever. Yeah. It's all good, man.
- All right, man. - I'm still, like,
you know, on the fence with it, meaning very minimal
conversation, if any, um... You know, I need to see
how you're going to act, to be honest. - Now we get a game
of pong tomorrow? [laughter] I'm already sore.
[laughs] - I don't think we're
doing this right. - Me either. [laughing] - Yeah. - Literally. - The reason I came on
this show is I wanted to come out of my shell,
I wanted to experience something totally different. If I had a class
with my roommates, I probably would
never hang out with them. - Yeah. When it comes to homosexuality, I don't necessarily feel
comfortable talking to my roommates
about how I feel, just because I can't just wake
up one day and be like, "Screw everything
I've ever been told. I can just believe this." It's not that easy. - That was a great workout. - I feel like my relationship
with Meagan has definitely been growing,
just because we've had a lot
of similarities with our religion
and growing up and, you know, our family. I'm really interested
in seeing how our friendship is gonna grow the next
couple of weeks. - We did so good.
We probably lost ten pounds. [laughter]
- I wish. [smooth music] - Honestly--
- [laughing] - I love it. Eww, imagine if he really
went to the bar like that. [laughter] - Oh, yes. - Uh-uh.
- Yes, you are. - I jump in the pond
all the time. - The pond?
[laughs] - We got a badass pond.
- Yeah? - If it was any bigger,
it'd be a lake. - Really?
- Like, any bigger. Yeah we got, like, catfish
in there, like, this big. - Eww.
- Big. - Do you go--
- Whiskers like... - Eww.
- That long. We got bass,
we got rainbow trout, bluegill, sunfish... [laughs] What? [indistinct] You know, living on a farm
is, I mean, it's different. I grew up and I went to
a bigger school to run track. They were just kind
of ganging up on me and stuff, 'cause I was the new kid.
They put me down. They'd be like,
"Oh, he's a country boy. You ain't going nowhere, dude." Yeah, I mean, I, uh,
starting fighting a lot. I should've just been
the bigger person and just, you know,
walked away from it. - Doesn't that feel
so much better? - That's how I sleep,
with one leg out of the bed. - You sleep with, like,
half your body out the bed. - I gotta.
It's just like this. It's barn burner in here, and then it be
all right over here. - Barn burner?
- [laughing] Yeah.
- What does that even mean? - Gets hot, burn the barn down. [laughter] - Where do you come from?
- [chuckles] Wanna go to bed?
- Mm-hmm. You know, with Clint,
even after admitting that his anger does scare me, I see, like,
the great person he is. And so I'm not gonna
just dismiss him as a whole because he gets
angry sometimes. [soft music] - She is cracking me up
tonight. [laughs] [laughing] - ♪ Take hold of me ♪ - Oh, God.
- Oh, God. - [singing] You're flowing
through my bones like ecstasy. Ecstasy. - With Tovah
and Clint cuddling, I'm not too bothered by it,
but once it starts getting into the whole-- then I'mma feel
really uncomfortable. [laughing]
But, I am a very heavy sleeper. - [singing] Reeling me in. Bending me backwards lady. Speaking your sins. Oh, I'm telling you now. I want you to feel. - Hmm. - [singing] I want you to feel. - Yeah, so I guess
that's what's gonna be happening from now on. It was gonna happen anyways, okay, so, just get it
out of the way, man. Signing off.
Take it easy. - Are we gonna talk?
- [laughs] We can. I do not know.
- I know. I tried to make
it not--not know. 'Cause it's gross and uncomfortable
and very weird. Usually what happens,
after I hook up with somebody...
it makes me... less... attached, I guess. Like, I like him and he's really cool
and I feel, like, comfortable with him, I guess. I don't know if it's, like,
a defense mechanism where now that, like, we've
hooked up, I just am, like, detached. I don't know. - I've only kissed five guys. Last guy I dated was like, "You need to learn
how to kiss." - Oh, ----.
- You... - Like this. - She just smacked her face.
- Excuse me, what? - I don't like using tongue.
- Eww. - Tovah's a really
confusing chick, man. - You're being
so annoying right now. - What--what did
I do all night? Had fun without you? ---- you. What--what am I saying? - Hi, everyone.
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