The Architecture of Your Physical Foundation

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Let's talk about building a solid physical foundation, dysfunctional gym culture, dangers of poor training and the wisdom of old school bodybuilders....
The question is would you live in a house that didn't have a foundation like would you move into a building that wasn't solidly planted on the ground because the wind blows it's going to fall to the ground and if you try to make it chrome. If you keep adding layers to it, you can keep trying to let it. but at 1 day at some point, it's going to crumble beneath its own way. So what about your physical Foundation? You have seen it, people showcasing amazing moves, speed, explosiveness and feats of performance you start to think that this is how you need to train to get to the highest level and this is what you need to be at the pinnacle of fitness. The show highlights are often displayed, but very few talk about what is behind them. What is great, function and performance build upon what gives. You much more than just a couple of flashy moves. What gives you a foundation for a lifetime of physical health and progress years ago? I made the mistake myself and chased after the most impressive moves and skills thinking that by reaching those I would achieve some sort of super body and peak performance. Many are tempted to collecting skills trying to build the most amount of muscle and lifting the most. Amount of weight before they've done any proper ground work for the average person. This is the absolute worst way of training regarding the long term shape of their body. Actually it is far from optimal. Even for pro athletes. The skills stunts and jumps can be inspiring, but they shouldn't be confused with the systematic methodology for building up the body. The external goals are fine, but they are too super. And restrictive for building a comprehensive base even the best and most successful athletes who seem to possess it. all the muscles help and skills have a mythological and intelligent approach to training that you may not see but you don't want to remain in blindness for your whole life. Do you you want to know the methods that allow you to progress through your whole life? You want to understand the way of progressing that isn't tight to damaging training practices and counting numbers you want to get to the. A point where you have such a grasp of your body and it's functions that you can produce the maximum amount of gains from any type of training you want to have a body where each joint is bulletproof. You want to be able to sense your posture, stability and support you want to know your body and be able to trust it. This ground laying itself will already produce a massive amount of gains in your strength control and Muscle development you're working with precision, mindfulness and quality to develop every corner of your body. The articulation the attributes the architecture. The process itself is never without bumps ups and downs, but every to will bring its lessons and learning it will become diligent and organic work where you're slowly discovering every uncharted territory of your body you. Are the training as you ingest the principles and reap the rewards of high-level body control and awareness. Your progress will become smoother and more foreseeable. These methods may not look so impressive, but they will increase your chances of success regarding any sport or physical activity. Your priorities may change in the process as you start to value stable, healthy and balanced development over individual feats of strength that rarely transfer to anything outside the fits themselves the most difficult. Part is to find your beginning because that is the only point where the foundation can be built. This is where we will help you in a tone system. We will show you where to start how to turn your weaknesses into outstanding progress and how to transform your body from zero to hero all the building blocks behind. performance athleticism and radiant strength are revealed. Are you ready to take a look?

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