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What’s your favorite Christmas song?

@NickSanPedro asked me to cover his favorite. 🎄❄️🎁#CampfireKaraoke #OHolyNight

Posted 12 months ago in Music & Audio

Sian Pursey 12 months ago

Stop the Cavalry or Keeping the Dream Alive 🌲🌲🌲 Happy Christmas 😀

Gaynor Gransby 12 months ago

Hey beautiful 🥰 xx favourite Christmas song 🎶 fairytale of New York 🎶 x

Adriana C Cinapri 12 months ago

ANYTHING sung by Bing Crosby is my absolute favourite <3 His voice always puts a smile to my face :)

Jonathon Gabrielle 12 months ago

lovely choice, at christmas i only really like the holy songs or the santa clausy ones. the mushy lovey ones do my head in, i dont know why. for me the favourites are silent night and rudolph the red nose reindeer. your voice was great in that song, wow... happy christmas to you x

Ced Lastar 12 months ago

Merry Christmas 🎄

Kenneth Cordova 12 months ago

A tie between, I want a hippopotamus for Xmas and No presents for Xmas ( king diamond)

Jay Thomas 12 months ago

Merry Christmas!

Octavia Emerald Nova McCabe 12 months ago

Silver Bells 🔔

Charis-May Grobler 9 months ago

Omggg you can sing sooo well💗💗

Matteo Savettiere Rivera 11 months ago

Here come the bells...or at least what I think it's called LoL