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Dacre Montgomery walks us through his thoughts on Hawkins' resident bad boy, Billy Hargrove #StrangerThings
I think really does deserve redemption and he might just get Billy Hargrove is I misunderstood teenager that has had a terrible father figure in his life and I think it's actually a deeply insecure and sensitive human being Talk about respect responsibility. It is right Apologize this season I don't think anyone is actually a bad person. We're all human beings. I think we embody and tighten ising qualities and I think yes, he does embody some bad qualities but I don't think he's a feeling No one tells me what to do I think they're both equally hard cuz I think they both should possess characteristics or qualities of the other Why do you care because Max your piece of shit but we're family now whether we like it or not meaning I'm stuck looking out for you What would I ever do I was bad. No one 's good. I think we all have qualities of the other top. I'm sure I possess qualities of Billy but I just don't access them day to day. So you've been trying a hero much like a villain. The hero is Just as any person day today

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