The Suicide Squad movie review

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Should you watch The Suicide Squad?

Posted 4 months ago in TV & Movies

Allen Gregg 4 months ago

Warning *** SPOILERS *** so if you don't like 'em, just scroll past the comment below...
Ok - overall I think this one was A LOT better than the first movie. Like any, you can analyze it and find some holes, but still it was better. More action, a lot more gore, etc. Harley REALLY stands out in this one and at least I thought her character was the best in the movie. I want to see more of her in future movies now. Idris Elba's fear of Rats became the fun secondary factoid in the movie that kept cropping up and draws laughs with that character. But two things disappointed me A LOT: Flula Borg and Nathan Fillion...

Don't get me wrong, I like Nathan Fillion's stuff in other movies, and while Borg is really odd, if in the right mood, you can get a lot of odd laughs from him. But both of them went hog wild on Instagram promoting their rolls in the movie, how they were "transforming" themselves physically for the movie, etc etc (and etc), and they wind up getting blown up in like the first 2-4 minutes of their scenes in the beginning of the movie??? Then that's it - they're gone for the rest of it! W T H. I mean, I guess any actor is lucky to be in any movie that actually makes it out during Covid, but I was expecting A LOT more from these two characters - not months of hype from the actors and then a minute of screen time and then... "poof".

A couple of other deaths surprised me since you essentially end any real possibilities for those characters too in future movies. Joel Kinnaman became the sex object of this version since you pretty much see his nipples throughout the entire thing (?) Starro pretty much looked like a bathroom floaty toy, but again, overall it was still entertaining and worth it compared to the first. I think the last year and a half have changed people quite a bit (for the negative, really) and they're tired of the "goody goody" superheros of the CW, and are more apt to rah rah for the half crazy ones who are ready to blow something up. This movie appeals to those people the most.

Marko Susimetsä 4 months ago

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