🔥 WOW! Finally a Republican who gets it!

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🔥 Republican DESTROYS colleagues for bailing out BANKS, but not WORKING PEOPLE!!

Posted 10 months ago in Politics

Sharon Baretta 10 months ago

Working people have made America the greatest Country on the planet. And. They have worked their asses off so the wealthy could become exactly that and become wealthier and wealthier because the vehicles to do so aren't available to the average working class American who needs the majority of their money just to have a decent life and some semblance of the American dream. Damned well working class needs the help. NOT the wealthy.

Brian de Castro 10 months ago

A Republican who shows true emotion, empathy, thoughtfulness and understanding is automatically not a Republican.

Tammy Cranford-Bauer 10 months ago

Now that’s a Republican I could like a little bit. Well said Sir! 👏👏👏👏👏

Allan Fedyshyn 10 months ago

A Republican for the working class! Unheard of. I guess he just lost all his committee positions for speaking for the peasants. If all Republicans were like that I'd consider changing party's

Solange James 10 months ago

Those who received huge tax breaks should pay up now. That money can help struggling citizens

Kathleen Scott 10 months ago

It's our fault for lettin congress get to this point, when we the people, are at the bottom of the barrel . When we ar the one's keeping this ship afloat.

Shirley Lydon Katz 10 months ago

I wish this senator and Congressman Katie Porter would team up and throw these other jackasses out of office!! We need more elected officials like these two. They care for the people they represent - not the parties they represent.

Raquel Polon 10 months ago

Another Republican who knows what is going on outside the halls of Congress and Jordan should go out and look around and see what is happening to his voters. I do hope something will happen to him that will open his eyes to the sufferings of his poor constituents.

Marjorie Ferris 10 months ago

Nice Speech. Let's see how he VOTES. He could be another Jeff Flake: talk nice for the camera, vote right in lock step with all the other Republicans.

Joey Leardi 10 months ago

I can't believe this man is a Republican, he sounds like a liberal Democrat, I wish more of his colleagues felt the same way. 🙂