KILL THE BOSS- Funny Office Song ft. Mimi Teddy & Bojo Teddy | Facebook

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Kill the boss is a funny office song and an exaggeration of typical boss-employee relationship in any corporate office atmosphere. The song features Mimi...
are you free tonight no has given me to much of and I have a presentation no I mean what after that I don't sleep no no I mean what before that I told you I am working for me I mean what in between work and your home oh I have some level dinner right that's can I take you out for a date you mean this no I hate it oh no this one and something more if you find out okay I'll kill the really he can kill the path for me let's kill the insensitive work and he is the worst thing never never want to ask you is the torture always surprised he never also to kill him who appointed his grace what the hell is going on here nothing we were just discussing what should be a next corporate strategy engagement and how we must have large kill ten formation for all our business body could with due diligence assessment table finish every one billion employees in the whole world leave this one Kashmir longs to me he is come back did you say something no bus why would I say anything now your job is to get me a million subscribers but tomorrow morning impossible million subscribers company policy but it can give us one subscription by clicking on the subscribe button and what is you can share the funny videos you can comment so that we can get a hundred more like you still we won't get a come back to check on the progress anytime share the funny videos now can you come to the offers थोड़ी भी चलते आँखों में चलती है

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