Beet Pasta with Parmesan Broccoli Sauce

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The colors and flavors of this Beet Pasta make a scrumptious feast for both the eyes and palate! 😍

Posted 8 months ago in Food & Drink

Taste Life 8 months ago

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Keluarga Bahagia Di Jerman 8 months ago

looks very tempting, so I'm hungry to eat

Kim Thompson 7 months ago

I would eat allllllll of that! Looks so good!!!

Judy Merchant 8 months ago

That looks really good. So healthy too.

Jeremy Cheetham 8 months ago

Looks amazing seen pasta just cooked with olive oil garlic and parma cheese .. 4 ingredients but meant to be hardest dish to perfect

Maryam Kay 7 months ago

MMm dirt pasta. 😬 I wish beets tasted different to me! I love the color!

ꢌ혜인 7 months ago

looking amazing and healthy too!
makes me hungry 🀀🀀

Marianna Fich 8 months ago

I would make that. Most likely will have to purchase the pasta. Looks amazing πŸ‘

Skyler Black 7 months ago

I thought that said 'beef' pasta for a good 20 seconds. I'm glad I was wrong.

Anabel Vega 8 months ago

Delicious and beautiful chef bao colors as always delicious and you always look gorgeous and smile love you have a beautiful smile