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❌ Andrey Saponjonkov benching insane 280/617 at 90kg/198lb bw

Posted 4 months ago in Fitness & Workouts

Brian Wolfe 4 months ago

I can also bench 617lbs if this type of video is all that's needed for confirmation.

Clint Key 4 months ago

That’s the biggest 198er I’ve ever seen

Scott Nicholson Kurland 4 months ago

Hell, I'm in the 83s and I can do half a ton like that.

Steven Martukovich 4 months ago

I count zero reps.

Seaver Mattison 4 months ago

I watched the whole video it was about as clean of a lift as you can get. Dude looks like a 242'r though he massive

Tom Marshall 4 months ago

Kyle Short Jason Holmes me when I get to 90kg

Glen Makaveli 4 months ago

Obviously it’s a fail why video was cut short