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Behind the scenes on the set of SILVER STREAK. ⁠
Directed by Arthur Hiller.⁠
Presented by Alan Ladd Jr.⁠

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Be very quiet where we film this. 40 tons of steel are rolling right along with the cameras as director Arthur Hiller puts comedy on a collision course with mystery. Why are we doing so far? because there's no one driving this train. The big question is will the silver speak stop in Chicago. It's a film very much in the genre of North by Northwest the role of George Caldwell had been made. 30 years ago would have required Cary Grant strangely enough I felt and my associates felt that gene has carry grain Quality pretty published almostly nonfiction gardening. How to do it Books? It's very interesting. Are you married divorced. He is lovable man is full of humor is naturally wedding. Well, I love the script. This was the first script in two years that I wanted to do. I I guess I've always wanted to be carry Grant Park from wanting to be Flynn. I've discussed that with some other people at another time, but it wasn't. I don't mean that I wanted to be carry Grant but I wanted to be one of the characters that Cary Grant used to play. I wanted to be carry Grant in North by Northwest on this film. Arthur Hiller is happily reunited with the man he collaborated with once before on a record-breaking success of Love Story executive producer Frankie. What did you do with it?

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