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Thanks to Wawa for their ongoing support of Special Olympics... tune in NOW for some Wawa-WOW news!! #happywawaday #wawa #freecoffeeallday
Good morning good morning how's everybody today Party I wanna thank everybody for coming uh not our local vendor partners community partners invited guests and uh our customers and of course the greatest sergeants of store eighty six 48 Thank you everyone for coming today uh today is a big day not only for wawa in the foundation but today we celebrate wawa Our theme this year is high fives for fulfilling lives we are celebrating 55 years since we opened our first convenience store that's right 19 64 Also the fifth anniversary of the wawa foundation and today we are proud to share five big reasons to celebrate First let's take a moment to reflect on our history back in April of 19 64 graham wood realized his vision for a different type of business where friends and neighbors served friends and neighbors and a convenient setting offering fast friendly service fresh products and value pricing today our purpose has evolved into our commitment to go beyond fulfilling customers orders to fulfilling the lives of our customers and communities every day As I said we're not just celebrating wawa day where we're gonna give away over two million cups of coffee today we're gonna share five exciting announcements about community partnerships record growth and to take us into the future first we're grateful to have our state local officials with us today as we celebrate the anniversaries of law and their Wall foundation thank you for taking the time to help us celebrate this meaningful milestones in our history and supporting our plans to test new innovations for the future Right here in Virginia so I'd like to recognize councilwoman Kim gray That's right daughter way delegate betsy car Delegate Jeff board Senator amanda chase I'll have one of the things the same share so I'm gonna give you the opportunity if you like to start it off and share some well good morning everyone one morning it's so good to be here and to celebrate while day here with you you know I love why actually frequent there a lot I have my understanding is I have more laws in my district chesterfield colonial Heights amelia than any other district in the state and I am a frequent customer and what I love about why iowa is the community um a lot of times I don't see my neighbors because we're so busy you know everybody's working kids activities I'm a mom of four and a business owner or busy people but where do you connect In lala right how many times are you standing there pumping gas and your neighbor you see them and you're like wow we live next door but we connect at wawa right so um I I just it's such an honor to be here today and to celebrate such a special day in the life of iowa and I just wanna thank you for allowing me to be here and celebrating with you also thank you Good morning morning uh like Center chase um I just wanna say thank you to wawa for all that you do uh not only to provide people with the caffeine and the fresh food that they need but also for what what why does in the community I mean I think we're gonna hear a little bit later in the program just how committed they are to addressing some of the most important needs and addressing some of the most important challenges that we face uh and so Well my good friend senator chase has the most wawa in her district I would say I would have the best if I just record this is where we are right now I just wanna come to our community partners that we have here uh I think if he takes an entirely committed team to do what it is that we all do it so I'm just glad have wawa as a community partner here in richmond so thank you so much Good morning I'm so excited and thankful to be here with wallets again it was so happy and privileged to have walk in richmond and the greater richmond community that brings so much and so much and thank you so much for that partnership like my colleagues I did tell what they say and also I think maybe I would challenge uh uh Jeff for the best laws in the district so a little bit uh this way but uh so enjoy all while experiences I have and being able to know that robbi is in richmond with all that they do and all that they contribute and wonderful to be Work with them thank you thank you Now let's get started with our first announcements from the wawa foundation here to make three exciting announcements on behalf of the foundation please welcome senior director of store operations for wawa and foundation board member adam ciao Good morning everybody it is an absolute privilege to be here with you today you know it's it's you know as we reflect on while a day uh we have this vision and Jason alluded to it's called filling lives every day and I've been wait for going on 20 years and I got to tell you why I am still along with 20 years later is because of that vision statement and the meaning behind it and how embedded it is in our culture and how we make decisions Every day and how we believe our purpose every day is to make uh a difference in our communities and today is just a representation we can step back and celebrate our amazing customers that we make connections with every single day we recognize our incredible associates who work so hard every day and make us so proud And we served side by side with amazing community partners several which are with us today and there's there's a lot of needs being done out there in the community you know as everyone who is times are tough not getting better and we have to make a difference and together we are making a difference and you know collectively we also holding hands and doing this together we have fighting chance of making things better and every day I obsess personally about that and uh you know when today is a great representation to be able to share some great messages with some amazing organizations that help them do their part uh which is amazing uh and very impactful in the communities so We're having a celebration all across our chain and we of six States that we operated it um it's Super excited to be in Virginia I have responsibility for one of my market is Virginia I'm also on the foundation board member um I'm very proud on the non foundation side on store operation side for what's happening in Virginia with eighty seven stores in the state of Virginia and it while we have something is called goose pride you know we had the wild goose and now but we call it goose pride what is goose pride pride Is the sense of there's something bigger than yourself you have to go the extra mile you have to take care of the person to your left the person to your right your neighbor your friends someone you don't even know who is coming in the store it's when that customer comes in your store for five minutes of their day knowing that could be the best five minutes of their day let's make it the best five minutes of the day and it's a privilege and a responsibility and a privilege again to serve and to make them feel special to let them know we see it everybody and that we care about That's why I think I literally have goosebumps as I say this because that's what is and today we celebrate each other cuz why is all of us and uh so we're very proud of that as Jason said five years ago uh while it has a long storied history of giving five years go officially incorporated uh into our five oh 51 C three foundation and we started the wawa foundation and through the last five years first five years we set a goal of 50 million dollars to give to our community partners both bacon small the local level the National level everything cuz there's we need to give everybody cuz Again have to do this together I'm very proud to say at the end of her five years we actually donate 66 million dollars And as we dug into this like over the last five years there's three dominant focal points that we are focused and obsessed about And we call it health hunger any heroes first champion children's health and life saving research Leading hunger relief efforts and really supporting these amazing heroes in our community and make a difference everyday health hunger and heroes and there's a million other amazing causes of focal points out there but we really wanna make a difference in those three areas um so that's kinda what we're focused on so it is an honor and a privilege to be here today to actually share the first three um reasons that we're celebrating today so what we're gonna As I announced each of the first three um I'm gonna call speakers out from each respective Organization but we're gonna hold off on doing group pictures till the very end and will do bigger pictures that make sense does it kinda be efficient with time and uh not everyone falling all over each other so the first uh message and first uh great uh message and we're gonna share today is around L s and L s I think we've been partners with you I remember you first presented to us I think it was three years ago a big formal way and L Is actually as I shared with some earlier is near and dear to my heart uh I've lost my dad to a blood cancer in the last couple of years and um when you came in and presented to me touch my heart personally but but the people the leaders in Alaska just they are so obsessed about finding cures and making a difference and it's so targeted what they wanna do they're incredibly special Organization incredibly special Organization and it honestly is a privilege to be serving with you and I'm able to to share our message Today which I'm gonna do in a second so it's an honor on behalf of wildlife foundation and our natural partner with the leukemia and lymphoma society we were gonna be making a check presentation and the amount of a million dollars Kim come up here in a minute I wanna say another 30 seconds then I'll shut up um so we we we've been partners with us in the last couple of years um but this is a step up in our partnership and this is again like always very targeted so make sure I'm saying this right um this is around uh a special children's initiative mostly right a ground breaking clinical trial program aimed at delivery precision medicine therapy to children with cancer and funding the research for the cure and we are so proud to serve alongside you and with that I like Come up here to uh to say a few words Good morning everyone well clearly you all some of you at least haven't had your wallet coffee ads come on guys it's free today let's try that again good morning everybody that's what I like to hear um so my name is Kim tran I'm a campaign manager at the Virginia chapter of the leukemia lymphoma society it's my honor to be representing my colleagues as well as those who we support here virginia's wawa day celebration a hashtag L wawa day for those who wish to post about today's activities so why is a longtime supporter of fema and lymphoma society otherwise known as L s our mission is to cure blood cancers and to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families while was Commitment to blood cancer patients and their families is steadfast the funds raised by the customers and associates support leukemia and lymphoma society's patient programs and help fund scientific projects in communities at wawa serves including right here in richmond at dc's massey cancer Center less is the leading is leading the charge for children with cancer and tremendous tremendously honored and gratified by the wawa foundation's contribution of a million dollars uh to the leukemia and lymphoma society This directly supports our new initiative to help young patients not only survive their cancer but thrive after treatment The wawa foundation is a founding partner of this initiative and prizes the three ways that we help children through research patient education and support as well as policy and advocacy in 20 16 the wawa foundation joined blue foam society's light the night event as a National partner and light the night uh is an inspirational evening walk that takes place takes place across the uk the us and Canada which celebrates honors and remembers those touched by cancer her Virginia like the night takes place every October in front expert hampton roads and here in richmond uh we hope everybody here can join us this fall on Saturday October 12 at innsbruck for light the night 20 19 now this is truly amazing in the past three years solely from in store point collections by the registers while locations here in Virginia have raised over eighty six thousand dollars for L s Johnson leaves change Take this and combine it with company wide efforts beyond the borders are con wealth and today wawa has raised nearly one point seven million dollars for L s In addition to the point collection wawa has positively impacted our local community by sponsoring a promoting local light night events here at v encouraging associates to join wawa National light the night teams and providing food beverages and famous wawa hospitality to our late night participants here in richmond and in five other cities up and down the East Coast our supporters look forward every year to see wawa on event night and appreciate their commitment to the local community and finally Celebrating the generosity of wawa customers that's helping patients and families battling cancer and so now as a small token of our appreciation I invite susan Reed uh survivor herself and board member to present a small token of appreciation to thank you for partnership in life tonight S So the phone society was founded 70 years ago by a family for families at a time when a diagnosis of leukemia was a death sentence while survivor rates have increased new and better treatment for childhood leukemia are desperate and needed so that children don't have to suffer the devastating side effects of standard treatments like chemotherapy and the words our beloved President of L doctor lou dating arrow there's never a good time to be to have cancer but there's never been a better time to be fighting it here Society we say that beating cancer is in our blood and this rallying cry inspires us to work tirelessly towards our mission each and every day while as culture of caring is evident and all that they do and we are extraordinarily proud and grateful for our partnership with walla walla foundation and dedicated generous customers thank you all so much for your commitment Alright let's keep this going Alright so special message number two um check out hunger I'll tell you in as our checkout hunger friends and local food Bank friends know so much better than I do there's so many people who are hungry and every one of our neighborhoods and it still makes sense to me it's not acceptable and we all have to figure out how to do more because no one in our country should be hungry at night or any time so uh this cause or just going for dealing with food insecurity is is prevalent across the country and we have to do better and thank God we have amazing partners who know how to get to where the need is and just how to kinda make a difference so our next Announcement we would like to make is a contribution of a million dollars to check out hunger to support our 20 - three feeding America food Bank serving the whole world And for the first time or in store customer nation give pain so pass the million dollar Mark and the 70 approximately 70000 dollars raised by your customers in Virginia will be distributed directly to the federation of Virginia food banks including feed more food Bank to alleviate insecurity which affects one out of every nine people from Virginia Think about the hundreds of people you're gonna walk by today how many of them are gonna be hungry tonight too many So with that I would uh please I'd like to welcome up Eddie hour who's coming up actually I'm sorry doc President ceo of feet more food Bank I got it I'm sorry to talk a little bit more about what this needs in the local fight against hunger in Virginia hold on thank you very much Jason thank you means the world to us um what's our store eighty six 48 this is our home store um and I can Show the 90 associates a feed more has 90 plus at least 10 or 15 over here everyday lunch um you come in here it's amazing I wanna buy stock in it unfortunately privately held but the employees are in stock and how cool is that it shows in the product we're here we see what they do every day it's quite efficient and you talk about fulfilling lives and feed more we often talk about what we really do right uh we know we move food but we think we nursed the community we empower lives so our values and our brand in town it's very similar Adam to yours and it's a great partnership it's been a partnership that's got on for since 20 oh seven for over 10 years going on 12 years and I just our services over 400000 meals of the made available due to the generosity wawa poisons that it's really just something so on behalf of daddy who's our superb executive director for the entire state of Virginia were all eighty seven stores and growing uh continue to contribute we're just The community is thankful that is one of nine folks that my service area 200000 people 55000 children not sure the next meal is gonna come from this means the world of difference to us and to them and we love our partners if you know geese mate for life I don't know if you knew that and so we would we would love to uh change the leadership they fly information it's it's great teamwork we'd love to be with you for life uh but we said that really appreciated Alright you see where this is going number three The wawa foundation is also proud to announce the contribution of a million dollars to a special Olympics The special Olympics support programs for more than a hundred and 28000 athletes involved with special Olympics in the States that we serve this campaign also exceeded a million dollar Mark to our customers who give so generously to our in store of campaigns the hundred and two thousand dollars approximately raise our customers Virginia will support programs for the 30000 athletes in the state of Virginia and I've had the privilege of working directly with the special Olympics doing Super plunges and crazy things like that um and more Importantly spend time with the athletes Just the words that come to my mind when I deal to athletes courage bravery every day they show that and just just inspiring they inspire the heck out of me and inspire the heck out of iowa and it's a privilege to serve special Olympics in all six States that we operate in so with that uh we are probably proud to support the Organization with that I'm gonna bring up Rick jeffrey ceo and talked about the impact us of this contribution special Olympics in Virginia Thank you adam and Jason and all of our great friends at uh walk were with us throughout the year when when adam said he does Super plunges what he means is all specific programs and his reach and have a great special event called the polar plunge where we raise money by having people a little bit of insanity here jump into the ocean or the Lake or the chesapeake Bay or wherever you may be uh uh in the February in January so uh that's a great thing and let's give them around of applause for I'm gonna ask uh we have two special guest lieutenant Brian correct information police Department gonna ask him to come up and just stand with me and also one of our great special athletes minds can have come up So the things that wawa really sponsors here for us or our great law enforcement partners and the law enforcement torch run coming up in about two months about two thousand law enforcement officers will run two thousand miles across the state of Virginia to raise awareness and funds to support our special Olympic athletes and each of them will be wearing a shirt that has wow uh proudly displayed on the back of it and help support their great law enforcement people in their community across the Uh and as adam was talking about uh or I think maybe the pick was talking about a home store uh special Olympics is everywhere in every community in the state of Virginia North Southeast and West so every wawa is a home court advantage for special Olympic athletes and the other thing they sponsor so greatest special Olympic athletes like J mines who has been with us since he was little and now is a Middle school student in coming along and Great basketball player and a wonderful special Olympic athlete but let me tell you why the while funds are so important so that you will understand people with intellectual disabilities are marginalized every day in every aspect of your life it might be school community workplace it might be housing it might be any any aspect of their life they're marginalized in but the main place that they're marginalized is by the Stations that all of us places on people with intellectual disabilities and not understanding that it's about capability and ability not disability So let me give you a little story that I want you to remember so that you will realize that what adam said things like great courage and great perseverance that our athletes have but also some great imagination that our athletes have several years ago I went to the special world games in Connecticut in the opening ceremonies were held at the elbow and it was 90000 people in the Stadium and the special Olympic athletes all came into the Stadium as each one minute the Stadium they received a kodak camera Y'all remember what cameras are right okay and so they each received a kodak camera and it was the only ceremony that a sitting President has ever attended for the special Olympic world games and that was President Clinton and he was there in the cold that day and as he was speaking to the crowd and addressing the athletes of special Olympics a photographer who was there to shoot the gathering noticed that a group of special Athletes all had the cameras up and they were pointing at the President and they all had a pointing backwards and he thought oh my gosh these guys within lecture disabilities they don't know how to do this can on how to work this cameron operated let me go over there and help them understand how to operate the camera properly and he went over and he said guys guys look you've got the cameras all pointed backwards if you turn it around and point it this way you can actually snapped photos of the President and one of Athletes turned to him and said hey thanks a lot but did you know if you had him like we got em the lens becomes a telescope and you can actually see the President like really close so remember don't under estimate the capability the imagination the courage the perseverance or what a person like J minds can bring to the table so on behalf of all of us and then a behalf of all of our great nonprofit partners cuz they just wonderful if you need if you're in need of help on a health issue like L or your need of uh a meal like our great feed Friends with hunger or you're a person with an intellectual disability who is marginalized in every aspect of his life is the best friend that you can have especially for our athletes with intellectual disabilities because every wawa is their home court advantage so thank you all

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