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We're in San Antonio, Texas as Julian Castro, former Pres. Barack Obama's secretary of housing and urban development, is set to announce an exploratory...
Over again that regard to you I think he has the weight is a ways to go we're gonna get him there right we have a phrase in the Texas House that I love and that is if you don't respect us you must expect us And I think that's that's what's happening today so without further ado I'd like to introduce my congressman your congressman congressman joaquin castro thank you guys so much Good afternoon Are y'all ready to elect a new President in 20 20 Are you ready to elect my brother who Leon the next President of the United States Now I have to be honest with you some people have asked me a few questions as they've anticipated him announcing his candidacy they asked me for example well why is who you on running why not you and I tell them that even though we're twins he's my older brother he's one minute older than I am and he reminds me of that all the time but actually something even bigger than that people ask me if your brother actually becomes President what are you gonna do your twins so I wanna I wanna lay out a few options for you and I'd like you to pick for me There's three options so far we'll go through all of them all right should I shave my head Should I get a mohawk actually grow a beard All right who says shave my head Who says did who says get a beard I think I probably grow a beard Sincerely I wanted to come out and say a few thank you's and then ask for your help and your support for holy on first I wanna say a very deep thank you to a great friend of ours who is with us the first time we on run for mayor his name is point it would be and he was the main organizer that put all of this together please help us get a thank you to boy ahead thank you one half But also to all the staff all the volunteers and all of the supporters of my brother thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts You know 50 years ago there was another texan in the White House lyndon baines Johnson 50 years ago for those of you who lived through it you know that it was also a very tumultuous time Americans were divided over a war yeah they were divided over civil rights and voting rights and women's rights yes but even then our President and a majority of our Congress and the American people marshal our best energy and our best unity and intentions to bring the country together and passed civil rights legislation and pass voting rights legislation Pass housing legislation to make sure that people can afford to buy a home that there be public housing for folks 50 years ago if you ask somebody who is living around the world in Africa Asia Europe and Latin America where on Earth did wanna go if they're going to leave their home country for all of the challenges that we face as a nation for all of the bitterness that existed in the late 19 sixties 50 years ago for all of those fights and division 50 years ago if you asked that question the answer is very clearly the United States of America I'm supporting my brother for President because I believe that he will be a President just as we should elect people in Congress in the legislatures and school board and every level of government who will make sure that when you ask that question 50 years from now of somebody who is living around the world in Europe or Africa or Asia or Latin America where on Earth did wanna go if they're going to leave their home country it's up to all of us most of all to the President we elect to make sure that 50 years from now the answer is still Our beloved United States of America And with your support I know that he will make that possible but here's what we need first I would ask you right now to take out your phone for a second please take out your phone I want you to help us I want you to join our campaign right now if you haven't please text gas throw to 48 48 48 that's three 48 so 48 48 48 will make sure that we send you updates about the campaign about issues that we are not talking about on any given day and once in a while we might even ask you for campaign contribution yeah I want you to know that you're helping your support is important because we honest running a grassroots campaign he has said that he will accept no corporate money no corporate pack money no pac money at all But we need your help to win this thing look I wanna be honest with you they're gonna be a lot of great candidates in this race and a lot of them are good friends of ours and we respect them and we wish them all well but I know that with your help and your support we have the best candidate with the best ideas and the biggest heart thank you very much So we are coming up in just a few minutes and I hope that you'll take an opportunity if you can if you're on twitter to use the hashtag holy on 20 20 please facebook live us instagram live us if you're on snap put up some snaps do everything that you can to help get the word out spread the good word to your friends and now I'd like to introduce somebody in our family even more important than me and I tell the joke that of all the people in our family the one who is best qualified to serve in public office is the one who does it and that's our mom Castro Good morning I can't tell you how beautiful it is to see all of you out here today this morning and this historic thank you Here in this historic place in this corner of the world that is so very special for a historical announcement you know I could stand and tell you a lot about who we are but I know you've already heard a lot of good things so I'm not gonna do that but I'm gonna tell you a few things one is that beyond as many of you know it's not a man that should never be underestimated Here's a man integrity and he is a man of vision and here's a man who sets his goals and then proceeds to get everybody behind those goals to make it happen Fully understand manned that believes in that idea of e pluribus unum from many one and that is something that I think we see today and that we see in this beautiful city the basis of all the work that we have to do all of us has always been family the cornerstone of prosperity and opportunity has always been And this community has raised up the young out of walking and we really thank you for that There are so many friends here that have come from San Antonio and all over the country and we thank you for being here this is a special moment for us and one of the things that I have to say is that hold on really has always believed walking and has talked about and that is the infrastructure of opportunity that every individual regardless of anything that every family should be given There was a time in this country when we did that well it is time to make sure that opportunity is made possible for every individual in this country I want to introduce to you a son of San Antonio A son of Texas the great state of Texas and the son of the West side A son of this country who Leon castro Good morning even when I was the us First of all I uh I wanna say a big thank you to uh to my mom There are a lot of y'all they may have come here to see her instead of me You know uh my mom Grew up on the West side of San Antonio and uh She got involved in politics a long time ago because uh she wanted to improve her community here on the West side to make sure that folks had basic things like streets and drainage and so she got active back then and the young Democrats and then she ran when she was 23 years old with this slate called the Committee for body of betterment and their slogan was give government back to the people Back then as you all remember they didn't have a single member districts so very few women and people of color ever got elected all of that slate of the Committee for body of Benjamin lost in April of 19 71 but on election night one of the local reporters asked her how she felt she said she felt good about what they have done and that they be back yeah well mommy I think we're back You know so many journeys uh for me and part of my family have started right here and uh today we begin another one in this journey I am so lucky to have an incredible partner in my wife erica And a wonderful inspiration in our daughter many of you all know butina And in our little one christiane So I wanna thank each and everyone of you as well for being here today and joining us what a great crowd we got out here I also wanna take a moment to say thank you to the press where here you know there was a time There was a time when walking and I thought we were gonna go into journalism and so I know that the press worked hard and that they are the friend of the truth in this country thank you very much for being here So this is a special place for all of us this West side of San Antonio this is the place where my grandmother Victoria came in 19 22 when she immigrated from Mexico as a seven year old orphan it's where she grew up where she worked hard for years as a maid a cook and a babysitter while raising my mom is a single parent it's where my mother became an activist working to improve the quality of life for her own community it's where Walking and I were raised by my mom Where we went to school we were baptized just over there at the Wall a little bit church We got a great public school education just a few blocks away and I had the honor of serving these neighborhoods as mayor of San Antonio for five years You know this morning I wrote the number 68 bus with my brother down while the lupus treat like we did so many times when we were kids only this time I brought my daughter can you know with me that was the same route that we used to take with my mother to get to school or to go to her work during the summer I want you to look around this neighborhood there are no front runners that are born here but I've always believed that with big dreams and hard work anything is possible in this country This community is a community like so many others across the nation a community of good people of humble people people who go to work early and stay late often times and more than one job so they can provide for their family when they go to bed at night they say hopeful prayers they want their children to do well they want good health they want the dignity that comes from a good job and the peace of mind that comes from being able to retire on their own terms this is a community Built by immigrants Families from Mexico but also families from Germany and from other countries it's a community also built by native Americans yeah Families who worked to build the future folks who came here to serve our country at Fort Sam Houston and lackland and randolph air force base and today this community represents america's future diverse fast growing optimistic a place where people of different backgrounds have come together to create something truly special and I'm proud to call myself a son of San Antonio You know six years ago I had the honor of standing before the Democratic National convention I said then that the American Dream is not a sprint or even a marathon but a relay my story wouldn't be possible without the strong women who came before me and pass me the baton Because of their hard work I had the opportunity to stand in front of you today my family story wouldn't be possible without the country the challenge itself to live up to the promise of America that was the point of the American Dream it wasn't supposed to be just a Dream America was a place where dreams could become real But the thing is that right now the real a isn't working today we're falling backwards instead of moving forward and the opportunities that made America the America that we love those opportunities are reaching fewer and fewer people today we are at risk of dropping that baton and that's why we're all here this morning because we're gonna make sure that the promise of America is available to everyone in this 20 first century You see I learned from my mother so many years ago in this community that when we want change we don't wait for change we work for it when my grandmother God here almost a hundred years ago I'm sure that she never could have imagine that just two generations later one of her grandsons would be serving as a member of the United States Congress and the other would be standing with you here today to say these words I am For President of the United States of America one of me I where you go Iraqi icu cassie seen on yours estoy seguro que noon cuss Mr he know though senator as you know is this quest university's former Congress O cosas thousand needles he can throw a study a understand this boy this year you saw the President I'm running for President because it's time for new leadership because it's time for new energy and it's time for a new commitment to make sure that the opportunities that I've had are available to every American in the years to come we must go forward as one nation working toward one destiny and that destiny is to be the smartest the healthiest the fairest and the most prosperous nation on Earth Again in this 20 first century we must be the smartest the fairest the healthiest and the most prosperous nation on Earth Handing anything less is a failure of vision and achieving anything less is a builder of leadership to be the smartest nation requires an early investment in our children's education As mayor I challenged the voters to raise the sales tax to spend high quality full day prek a for thousands of San Antonio four year olds at the time some said that it was unrealistic even impossible the education wasn't my job they said and by the way who's going to vote for a sales tax increase in the state of Texas But the future of this community was my job So I put my faith in the people yeah we called our initiative Creek a for sa and we brought together business leaders with educators with parents and students to make the case and in November of 20 12 the voters of this city said yes we believe in investing in early childhood education So that next fall I found myself standing outside a pretty okay for sa early childhood Center as the first group of young students arrive for their very first day of school whoo They had their little backpacks on A lot of them were excited some of them were crying Truth be told more of the parents were crying than the students Sure there were some tears of sadness have seen their little ones walking into school for the first time But there were also tears of joy the joy of knowing that a great free kindergarten education was the first step on the road to a brighter future yeah today we live in a world in which brain power is the new currency of success if we want to compete and we better we need everybody's talent we don't have a single person to waste everybody counts in this country Here in San Antonio I'm a freak a for sa happen has President I'll make it okay for the USA happen Universal free kindergarten for all children whose parents wanted so that all of our nation's students can get a strong start and you know what we're not gonna stop there will work to make the first two years of College a certification program or an apprenticeship accessible and affordable so millions more young people and people who are returning to school later in life can get the skills that they need to get a good job without incurring a mountain of debt Now to be the healthiest nation we need a better health care system in this country Not a healthcare system that bends to the will of big pharma or the big insurers but the health care system that's built for the people who actually need health care For as long as I knew where my grandmother was diabetic like many folks in this community and she grew older and her condition got worse she needed more and more treatment thank God Medicare was there for her Medicare should be there for everybody in this country it's time for Medicare for all universal health care for every single American To be the first nation we have to reform and imagine our Justice system all over this nation for far too many people of color any interaction with the police can become fatal if police in charleston get arrest dylan roof after he murdered nine people worshiping at bible study without hurting him then don't tell me then Michael Brown an to mere rice and I anna Jones and It's the bond Clark and sandra bland shouldn't still be alive today We're gonna keep saying their names and those of to many others just like them who are victims of state violence great we're gonna keep saying that black lives matter while working toward a Justice system where that's true And you know what else is true For far too many people they can't afford bail An accusation alone can swiftly turn into a jail sentence in our country innocent until proven guilty shouldn't just be reserved for the wealthy few who can afford high priced defense lawyers Innocent until proven guilty should apply to every single American in this country We must also reform our immigration system so that keeping families together instead of tearing them apart is our policy Just a couple of days ago President trump visited mcallen Texas just South of here Uh after he claimed that we're facing an invasion at the border The President called it a National security crisis well there is a crisis today it's a crisis of leadership donald trump has failed to uphold the values of our great nation Yes there are serious issues that need to be addressed in our broken immigration system but seeking asylum is a legal right and the cruel policies of this administration are doing real harm and damage one of the things that I remember most about my grandmother is how she would talk to walking in me about how she came to this country as a child separated from her dying mother even 70 year old woman when she remember those moments she would cry like the seven year old girl he was when it happen Because she never had a chance to say goodbye to her mom Yeah we have to have border security but there's a smart and humane way to do it and there is no way in hell the cages babies is a smart or good or right way to do it We say no to building a Wall and yes to building community we say no to scapegoat immigrants and yes to dreamers yes to keeping families together yes to finally passing comprehensive immigration reform in this country If we all work together we can build the nation more prosperous not only for those who are already doing well but for everybody else we can raise the minimum wage so that people don't have to work two or three jobs just to put food on the table We can protect the woman's right to make her own decisions about her body because for women Reproductive health care is an economic issue we can protect the right of workers to organize an economy that is quickly changing and leaving too many workers behind but we can protect people from discrimination no matter who they love or how they identify And we'll work to make sure every American has a safe decent and affordable place to live in this country You know as housing Secretary I visited a hundred different communities big and small all across our nation from downtown Los Angeles to rural wisconsin to San Juan Puerto Rico and the pine ridge reservation and this much is clear we have a housing affordability crisis in this country today too many families are spending more than half of their income on rent and that means that more families are doubling up sleeping on the couches of relatives or even sleeping on the But you know what you hardly ever hear about that in politics that's gonna change we will invest in housing that's affordable to the Middle class into the poor and I know that we can turn things around in the Obama administration we made ending homelessness a priority starting with veteran homelessness by the time we were done we cut veterans homelessness almost in half in the years to come we can do that and more Now the biggest threat to our prosperity in this 20 first century is climate change don't let anybody tell you that we have to choose between growing our economy and protecting our planet we can fight climate change and create great jobs in America And here's the thing we don't have a moment to waste scientist tell us that if we don't get serious about this right now the consequences will be tragic so we won't wait as President my first executive order will recommit the United States to the Paris climate accord We're gonna say no to subsidizing big oil and say yes to passing a Green new deal So those are just some of the ways that we're gonna become the smartest the healthiest the fairest and the most prosperous nation on Earth it is a blueprint for 20 first century opportunity and so you know so you know that this is always about you I won't be accepting a dime of pac money in this campaign And its President will work to overturn citizens United to get big money out of politics That's why I'm running and that's what I'm running for I'm gonna have a lot more to say in the coming days and weeks about my plans but throughout our nation's history even in its darkest days there have always been Patriots who came together to do the hard work that it took to get us closer to our nation's ideals those who fought to abolish slavery suffer just who marched and organized for a woman's right to vote a generation that sat in at lunch counters and marched across the edmund pettus bridge the Activists at stonewall Those who inspired a generation that is marching for our lives today people who challenged us to continue to perfect our Union you and I we stand on their shoulders generations of men and women who made beds and made sacrifices who fought in wars and fought discrimination who pick crops and also student picket lines they didn't wait they made our nation what it is today and now it's our turn To take that baton and to make our nation better than it's ever been before To my fellow Americans from Texas to Washington state to new England to Florida to California and Illinois to iowa And to our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico I'm asking you to join me you give me your support and I give you my word I will spend every day working hard to make sure that you can get a good job that you can find a decent place to live that you can have good health care when you get sick and then your children and grandchildren can reach their dreams no matter who you are or where you come from we have always been at our best when we are United by something bigger and in this journey in the days to come together we will show that hope can be bigger The light can be bigger than darkness and the truth can be bigger than lies and as long as we work Always be better than today so let's go work mommy with those I Take it But The Just like By Pick one In The

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