June Hamilton and Ron Parker dance to 'Moonglow'

June Hamilton and Ron Parker performed a jazz routine at the Grand Opening of Barbara Morrison's California Museum of Jazz and Blues to the accompaniment of the Nedra Wheeler Trio. Special thanks to Dolores Jenerson-Madden who happened to catch this while recording the event.

The event, titled "Black Music, Black Work", was a tribute to the previously segregated Musicians Protective Association Local 767, a group of South Central Los Angeles musicians who worked to protect their rights, bring resources to their community, and change the music industry forever. From it's inception in the Jazz
Age of the roaring '20s through the '40s and World War II, Local 767 served as home base for the finders of West Coast jazz, and fought for equitable workplace conditions in the nightclubs that thrived along Central Avenue.

It was a true honor to be a part of this event. As Ron Parker said during his remarks, "What you just saw was original jazz dancing. You don't get jazz dance without jazz music, and you don't get jazz music without the jazz musicians who created this industry."

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