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Snowmobile & Snow Bike highlights from X Games Aspen 2020!
See the fans are packing into the venue here. It's gonna be an all out battle for gold here tonight. Tonight is we get set to hand out some hardware here in the world of Snowmobiles Big story coming in tonight. we've got one of the big stars in the line of Levi is going to be missing out because he had to withdraw for competition right from the start. Joe Parsons coming in in practice here, you can see it comes up off the ramp. Everything looks smooth on Sunday. machine continues to go nose up and he throws it away to the sled definitely. Meeting as well as Joe himself, he get up and walk away under his own power was checked out by X Games Medical, but that does open the door. This is an Exchange rookie, not just an escape rookie. This is the first time he's ever competed in a freestyle competition period. This is Brandon Cormier. Oh Brandon starting off with that switch Blade Flip While he's sitting in a bronze medal position is right now without that new trick with an 80 - one point 33 Whoa how the world and he said that on that Cordova flip, How are you kidding me? It's one. Judges are looking for out here tonight is variety. they're looking for the overall scope of what you do within the span of those 70 - five seconds in 00 My God, That was an accident that was the new trick, but he wasn't supposed to land like that. Wow, I need a second I can't I can't believe what I just saw well, he said. He never thought it would happen well. guess what Brandon you just enter your name permanently into the X Games history books with that performance out here tonight. We are sent to drop the hammer on parents snow bike cross and here we go. We are underway. Doug Henry. He's right up front charging into the lead, picking up pretty much where he left off in 2019 trying to repeat so there is the checker. And number 19 to make it across right there and he's going to add his third X Games gold medal. Here we go. It's Wendy Snow by cross, but here we go who's gonna get that top spot Levi Boy. It looks like they had a decent jump who do we have up front looks like actually is up in the top two. Yeah. he's chasing for that top spot in a little bit of a battle trying to go on the outside line right there. You've got there already got by him and got into the lead. Can he hold it together and have no issues and the checkered flag is out at Cody is done and he makes it three in a row. Gets out to the early lead here they make that first left-hand turn that you have a hard right-hand turn as he starts to go uphill on the course. Two laps down four to go here. Shots out of that top spot as of right now it's Schultz in College by the way. Straight right there. There you go checkered flag is out and Mike Shelton done it. The action continues tonight underneath the lights. We can set to kick off our final event of the weekend. It's the return of snow bike. best trick is back out in the mix. Alright. so despite the crashes to beat a little bit, it's gonna go for it again. It puts one down here in round number two. Look like he had a Superman backflip there, you could hear panic revenue around the guys are having a hard time flipping that ramp tonight, but he is able to get that one around so Brett Turkey. After all that adversity with a 70 - nine point, 33 finds himself in that top spot Rob Adelsberger locked and loaded you see him there. He just pulled that lever with it is it kicks out a little arm so that he can wet his foot in there so they can hang on the bike. here we go. He's under power candy. get it done He gets the rotation is he gonna hang on and no over the bars, but here we're looking at Rob Edinburg look at that rotation so close to sticking that he went so deep into the landing right there. What a complete reversal of fortune He has had a tough tough weekend out here, two big crashes and snowmobile freestyle a crash in practice a crash in his first run and then he comes out for redemption in his second and final run, and he walks away with the gold.

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