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George Carlin at his best! ♥

via Truth Inside Of You

Posted 5 years ago in Performing Arts

Lynda Wagner 5 years ago

I think he sums it up perfectly. Very sad but true

Alan Williams 4 years ago

He,s not only talking about the USA this is also about the UK and it includes all your Tory top knobs and surprisingly the labour and union knobs pulling the strings on their political puppets!!!!

Katie Gray 4 years ago

Sert Ed Edas Oilime
Thought you might like this. George Carlin is the freaking man.
Nodody realizes they're shoving that big red white & blue dick right up your ass!

Christina Otero 5 years ago

I think he's right on about this, that's why big oil is fight so hard at Standing Rock!

Gene Post 5 years ago

The "best of the best" --- the US needs a George Carlin clone for President. He has just summarized the state of US politics in a short brilliant manner. --- Why can't citizens VOTE and bring about some positive change? "Hell it ain't rocket science" vote the worthless bastards OUT OUT and OUT. Congress has a 85% disapproval rating yet they keep getting reelected? GO FIGGER !!!