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Hahaha! Lola's life is ruined!
Well, but we started her day off pretty bad yesterday. I mean it it happened again. It happened again. She knocked. We thought she knocked on our door. What do you mean you thought she knocked on our door? How do you did you hear enough? No? I didn't hear you. No. no. no. no. no. I didn't have heard. No no. I'm just. I'm I'm I'm I'm saying that she knocked on our door our bedroom door. Timeout. No, she didn't well. she opened the door is what happened is. She opened the door and it was like it was late morning and it was father's Day. And I'm gonna be honest. I'm gonna be honest. You are definitely going through the motions. I'm sorry my in-laws. I didn't mind, but you're going through the motions. my I had my in-laws in the kitchen. I know they were hungry. I know there's like a House full of people many tigers other people in the House. I'm not really relaxed, relaxed right and you know and he was like But it's Father's Day. Alright, that's not typically doesn't conjure up Amaris thoughts but okay if you alright okay. so she opens the door and we see the door open and really good close doors don't say no no. what are you doing to process? it stated. And she goes, I mean she's like thanks a lot. It's my birthday. Thank you. She shuts the door and you hear you just ruined my birthday. In my life and I used to see in color and now everything is great. That's verbatim of what she said exactly. and now we're having brunch Father's Day awkward brunch and we're sitting with my father and my sister and the kids and Lola and she's looking at us. She's like and she said. We're just like everybody's eating. We're eating. We're like this is delicious. that's delicious and she's like this. She goes. You're disgusting and I'm like my dad's here. I said Lola she was you guys have no chill. I think you act like you're 2020, but you're not. And I go and now I'm still like trying to talk and code cuz my father-in-law is at the table and I go with respect. We weren't in the kitchen. Yeah. So last night in the hallway, so are your roof so last night she came so we it was funny and whatever and I'm not sure she saw anything but whatever it was, I made eye contact with her. I was like I am having CPR rate right so so but then at the brunch, the other kids are like, Oh yeah, that one now they all start sharing stories of when they've walked or does anybody not knocking this House. Nobody knocks Nobody knocks in our House and Lola's like I knocked you can't hear me because you're deaf from exercise classes. Which is true may or may not be true, which is true but anyway. so so last night she came back into a room to say goodnight and the door is closed. We're watching TV and she comes in. she's like. Hello, I thought it was like a fire Department. not you know it was like boom. Boom. Yeah. Oh poor Lola.

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