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The first #777X flight test airplane is about to get painted. Watch as we went #live from Everett, Wash. to share a rare glimpse inside a #Boeing paint...

Posted 3 years ago in Vehicles & Transportation

Timothy W Thompson 3 years ago

Cannot wait to fly on one of these!

Dwayne Davies 3 years ago

Make the paint buildings part of the tours

Beriah SoOrio 3 years ago

Please a little bit about how you keep the paint hangar dust free. How do you ventilate such a large space.

Xevi Guardia 3 years ago

The "triple seven" is the second most fantastic airplane in the world, the first is the queen of the air, the 747.
Thanks Boeing for so much fantastic planes.
Regards from Spain.

Mizi Moa 3 years ago

Shout out to my guys in the 40-37 building

Ross Kennedy 3 years ago

What's been the toughest livery to paint?

Fred Kenzelmann 3 years ago

Southern California needs work

Jeffrey Magnet 3 years ago

Is the spraying of the aircraft in the airlines contract?

Mary K McDaniel 3 years ago

Proud to say I worked for Boeing
If it's not Boeing I'm not going!

Frankie Klimek 3 years ago

This is almost as boring as watching paint dry.