Clip: Terror on Every Side - Bishop Barron's Sunday Sermon

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Friends, what do we see in Jeremiah’s preaching and prophesying? That being a spokesperson for God can be a terrible task—yet it’s wonderful. It is the...

Posted 1 year ago in Religion & Spirituality

Carla Glessner-Boyd 12 months ago

Lots of truth here. One thought... JEREMIAH who said TO Pashur: “The Lord does not call Your name Pashur, but ‘terror on every side’. Jeremiah 20:1-3.....

Yes. We must speak and be ready with an answer to everyone about the hope that lies within us. And some times we struggle against it. Now is the time, isn’t it, to be ready...because Terror IS on every side Jeremiah 20:10

Mike Sebastiani 1 year ago

Happy Father’s Day Bishop Barron. You’ve brought me a long way in a very short time. Thank you

Nhat Nguyen 1 year ago

Xin chúa ban bình an cho cha

Nirmala 1 year ago

Superb, you are the spokesman of God.

Nirmala 1 year ago

How humble you are

Nirmala 1 year ago

Nirmala 1 year ago

Eleonar Dumabok 1 year ago


Rita Sumner 1 year ago

Very true. Every baptised Christian is a witness of God

Mike Chmielowiec 1 year ago

Many blessings