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WATCH: Chen Miller is an extraordinary teacher in Israel. Hear her show how words can shift a child's self image. Share her story and help the education...

Posted 5 years ago in Children & Parenting

Soul Mama 5 years ago

Thank you to everyone who liked, watched, and shared this video. what a reaction! we just started Soul Mama and please join us, if you believe we are here to help each other and help the world.

Linda Doss Bridgeforth 5 years ago

I have chosen to teach, to work with children in special education. Watching this only makes me cry and makes me happy at the same time, I am privileged to have have the privilege to be a teacher to prayerfully touch the soul of a child and open a window for them to fly!. I too grew up feeling less than, not smart enough. With the grace of God I continue to remind myself struggling through a class that He has a plan and a purpose for my life. this film connects the dots I am sure for many of us. We are all called to do marvelous things through Christ, each in our own way. Some of us move forward through the very thing that had a hold of us, to find freedom and be a light for those struggling with the same attack This was oh so good!

Aristides Kaponides 5 years ago

This reacher has the right attitude.She is using the positive attidude,I.e using the sentimental world of the children,which most teachers forget ,she is getting the right results.Congratulations to the teacher.

Keren Kortov 5 years ago

Thank you , every word is so true. It is our job to reach out to each child even if the task is difficult or looks impossible