Celebrating Holi Festival

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Holi, the world's most colourful celebration starts today 🙌

Posted 8 months ago in Holidays & Celebrations

UNILAD Adventure 8 months ago

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Ira Duijckers 8 months ago

Waaaaauw, lovee it! We were in the Indian newspaper last year with the group from the Netherlands, holi festival experience

Achin Chand Vashisht 8 months ago

Awesome video! Hopefully we can celebrate it properly next year 😎👍

Tonette Animar 8 months ago

Covid is in the air goodluck

Tracy Ricketts 8 months ago

I went and had so much fun

Fraser Wallace 8 months ago

Artiom Ivanov wanna try this 😊you could practice your hindi too🤣

Adjit Panji Surya 8 months ago

before covid, i always dream to go there..
but now, not anymore.

Kayla Wood 8 months ago

Madeleine Bevan Cara Eldridge Harriet Elizabeth

Marcus Mubarak 8 months ago

Jessi Faulkenberg such good times