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Salient Arms International GRY (AR15) Video by @truexodus

Posted 6 years ago

Dwayne Kne 6 years ago

Kertzinger Gaetan Magnifque, le son est parfait et le no recul 脿 l'air propre =)

Dan Boyette 5 years ago

I want to see him hold that gun like you should. Wtf is with that stance and grip??

Michael Novido 6 years ago

You guys need better video. You should hire Rick Takahashi .

Jordan Foster 5 years ago

Wait this can't be true! That's an AR-15?? It only shot once per trigger pull! EVERYONE knows AR-15's come stock with bullet buttons for full auto death mode! Gah!


Chris Batley 6 years ago

Lol, I will never buy their products. Overbuilt, overpriced, Hollywood BS... Nope, not ever.

Dustin Leon 6 years ago

The C Clamp grip though.... lol such form...

John Boyles 5 years ago

That's cute, but I'd put my M1A against it any day of the week.

Draco Cornelius 6 years ago

Looks heavy

Christian Urbina 6 years ago

Fernando Urbina It would be better if it had a grip

Carlos Paz 5 years ago

Hutaa est谩 chulo patas de payaso