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Nobody wanted to fund The Wall, and now, Mexicans are actually stealing pieces of it.
My favorite story of the year and possibly my favorite
story in my entire life. The concertina wire
or the razor wire used to reinforce
the U.S. Mexico border is being stolen and sold by
Tijuana residents for protection due to the city's high crime
rate according to officials. Some homes in the area were also seen
with the same razor wire added for an extra layer
of protection, but residents refused to say
where they got the material. Oh, no. I'm sorry, guys, this is
insane. You heard that right.
Mexico is stealing the wall. Oh man, I wish I could
have been there when Donald Trump
saw this story on the news. Knowing him, he'd probably
have been like, "They did what? Nancy, I'm going to need you
to spot me another eight billion dollars. We're going gonna need another
wall to protect the first one." And I mean, now if, if they're
stealing razor wire for their houses, they might as well just steal
the whole wall next, right? 'Cause no one's
ever thought of that. It's like, "America will build a
wall." No one ever thought Mexico
will steal it. Like Mexicans will be
showing off their new home security system like, "I built a wall
around my house. And Donald Trump paid for it!"

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