Prince Philip leaves hospital after 4-week stay

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Britain’s Prince Philip, the 99-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth, has left a London hospital on Tuesday after a four-week stay for treatment for an...

Posted 9 months ago in Health & Medical

Marilyn Taylor 9 months ago

God bless you Prince Philip and please stay healthy.

Dianne Schreyer 9 months ago

Awesome new. Stay healthy Prince Phillip.

D Cruz Rey 8 months ago

Harry should be ashamed of himself the day his grandfather was taken into hospital he announced they are doing the interview. They could have easily postponed it. Anyone with any decency would have made sure their grandparents was okay first.

Patricia Marryatt Thomas 9 months ago

wishing him all the best

Rob Butler 9 months ago

the mans time is almost done next news is a funeral

Karma StandupRiseup 9 months ago

Why dont you talk about the pedo connections and the Royals fake news Un GLOBAL mouthpiece ?

Mark Rodgers 9 months ago

Who was the victim of the heart transplant replacement?

Kelly Allin 9 months ago

Hope he makes 100...he will get a letter from the queen!

Marion Walker 9 months ago

All the best Prince Philip.

Tim Wells 9 months ago

Zero 🦊