Wild black bear relaxes in hot tub

Daily Mail Animals • 10 months ago   1.2K     76  •  238.1K Views
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A black bear is refusing to let this family have a relaxing holiday! 😱🐻 via storyful

Posted 10 months ago in Animals & Pets
Angela King-Arotin
Angela King-Arotin10 months ago

Theyvare NOT bad bears. Good grief! They are much more skittish than a grizzly. It takes very little to make them run away. If you live around them, you know this already.

David Vikan
David Vikan10 months ago

No chance you could get me to open a door to my house when there's a BEAR out there!

Yulliana Fedorov
Yulliana Fedorov10 months ago

Stop being so dramatic,it’s beautiful and it’ll leave in its own time.What a privilege to be so close to such a wonderful creature,also for it too choose your spa to have a relaxing moment.

Tamra Yesik
Tamra Yesik10 months ago

😀 This bear should be in the Olympics on the balance beam, we may have a gold medalist out there! lol

Kristi N Candy Sparrow
Kristi N Candy Sparrow10 months ago

Black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains are awesome! And they aren’t mean. We go every year to photograph them.

Alisha Demmery
Alisha Demmery10 months ago

Gorgeous gorgeous
Don’t you hurt those bears

Tee Bone
Tee Bone10 months ago

😐 Just back off and give the bear some space...........and its "humans" that are mean & bad.........🤨

Medwen Griffiths
Medwen Griffiths10 months ago

How cool is that!!!

Carolyn Stimson
Carolyn Stimson10 months ago

The bears like it's cold out here. Let me get in this hot water. 🤣🤣

Beth Merrow
Beth Merrow10 months ago

Well you built your house in their neighborhood soooo what do you expect?