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Voters cast kernels of corn as ballots for their favorite 2020 candidate at this Iowa State Fair tradition
Oh, you need a colonel. We saw that you cast a vote for yourself in the corn kernel poll. I did explain the cast your kernel poll. Alright started probably 1415 years ago. Every candidate has a jar. He take a piece of corn, put it in and there you go corn is about as Iowa as you get the caster Colonel and then they go do other stuff at the fair. We had like as of 20 'clock about 20000 people coming. I always come here and put a colonel in whom did you just cast your kernel for Donald Trump? I put my corn in for Andrew Yang Mayor Pete I voted for Donald Trump. Nobody really stood out to me for whom did you cast your current? I cannot tell you that I'm a voter. It's actually not a secret ballot. It's actually right here in public Joe Biden. What do you make of it the results so far it look like Trump And Bernie Sanders were doing pretty good. Donald Trump has filled enough corn to have some serious snacking on a movie night. What is the most number of jars that a Democrat? Joe Biden is leading for Democrats and he's on his third jar. We have Elizabeth Warren. She is on her second jar. It looks like Kamala Harris has got a full char and Pete Buddha judge now the challenger to Donald Trump, former Governor Bill Weld. He's got a surprising amount of corn. For somebody challenging an incumbent President now is there anyone who has virtually no corn build a Blasio S on lower side? Joe Sestak is called the the Corn kernel poll. right. Everybody puts a colonel corn in the Bowl that they like Trump's ball was totally overflowing right, but they're actually only show the Democrats. It's unbelievable. Why does the media hype that Donald Trump? How's he doing in the corn? Kernel poll looks like he's doing very well. Trump is gonna win. Do you think that he's gonna be reelected? He will be sometimes we. A little bit of drama when some person will vote for Trump and another person will vote for Biden kinda have a little coral. Donald Trump is leading any other individual candidate, but the Democrats overall have more corn than Donald Trump is that encouraging to you actually a very interesting way to think about it and it is encouraging to me. Bernie is high up in most National polls. He's not doing as well in the corn kernel poll. Are you concerned that he's not getting enough? corn? Oh man. Yes. I am concerned right now. The corn leaders are Biden and Buddha judge would you be able to rally around either of them if they became the nominee? Yes I cast. For Elizabeth Warren, she's running a really well-oiled machine in terms of a campaign, and I think we'll see her numbers go up as we are closer to February Mayor Pete Now he is currently number two in the corn pole among Democrats everything, he says. He's just young fresh intelligence. if it's not by it and people are usually talking about Warren and Buddhist. I threw an informer Pete. He's the only one that doesn't sound a range. Do you feel like Democrats can coalesce around an individual candidate or do you think people would be too disappointed If they don't get the one they wanted we all. Being picky now, but I think that when it all comes down to it, we just really want to be Trump whoever it is. we're all gonna be behind that person. I am glad that the Democratic field is a whole is beating Donald Trump in the corn jars, but the real test is gonna come on Election day. It's been about 80 to 90 percent accurate over the years. And after 11 days with nearly 60 - 7000 kernels cast Joe Biden, Pete Buddha, Judge Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris take the top spots. President Trump had the most votes overall, but Democrats still ended up with a one percent lead. We're in August, so it's looking ahead a big number of months as a whole. it tends to go Republican cuz you have a lot of Republicans who come to the fair from rural areas in particular since we done it, There's only been one Democrat to ever win and who is Rack Obama in 2000 eight.

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