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Alright no stop can we stop that says bad joel thank you jenny and welcome come on Michael kinky babies and I think I'm gonna come enough oh baby I'm song a lot when I men you go night at my name and I was elite last time well I will know many baby on top of those cool man you know what I'm done done and my niche something that's he not intend orders gosh I should have been a routine Joe despise me five engage playing go back because they indoor issue not suppose in many whom savings why me go and wins iowa and clean I don't got one more by business lamb oh no business ability I run a business in chapel of full access that was something like these all what what my daily business and no no you might and just I could get an engine that I'm going guys this may cause a team if I don't wanna eat business so much he got monkey sale shop into hundred this again is a magical no please okay man business lead manage don't they sign that's very good inside training in a one on one was mama wesley amanda I say next I'm attend ones well be number one of his friends and Mrs simmons about things and if I meant it doesn't look at that corner maybe a you know not what e rooms in beautiful baby one more morning my plans um a business not me I wasn't doing 21 thing go no protools eat what I call a what is that a name we will see you now one shopping she no what's assist Dr piece that I want and I'm not so visible kish well bone go home by yoga tightening up and I keep man high how much weight today hey hey it's all going on you see guys get it up with the wonderful kate uh put among yeah everybody we cannot come kind of whatever about who don't look that was want to got it baby hey what about me on set your child into an essay would and no one knows new pool balance try on your first both try nobody luck you're gonna know no gold no type of guy over sands all this is okay to put big cinco and you like numbers moping going on in music opinion baby oh what are we doing this what would see London is inside you I know enough hook I run job and money I created prepared and we'll do offer full service me and my gym join a visit and uh it was it is my vehicle and I can say this I know the keys and I name my blowing uh why not games on it hey I'm chasing them attention my lead so we might know em on what business about believing to stop on the moon we think is doing it are you telling me fuck you fuck you fuck me with the land wow who's gonna take the on office I'm not kinda has a payment on something I'm doing what I mean Monday for my good head it when she not I know you think I'm John will fulfill your full service but she don't side right now I feel that I am shit up about him she knew that time I will gonna bound pushing me to go home in and it will open to cash when I was in your business and what a potential cash on my time okay put the cash you can do today that will live my depending on the location okay I need you to visit chef mom you should come up um I think you lying I was with the service in him and I get you kinda look fun so did I and even if I initially think so to win a new mind with to you mom going on for man if not we will find them I think of all for nothing is understanding the guys what is the emotional little noble ow dot nyc see what's hangout and was like to love on you will see when I move save my new wish I would take it was how you took my phone while I talk to my me eat it no more ugly account but it guess what's has seen by what you whistle cook what he was doing that we should tell someone we need what he in positive who know that old two thousand and 15 mind hey how does it lead service no more one to the d there then what if we said free Santa I'm walking it off once when I'm with the name jenny k kinda did what I do on go good okay don't think I'm kinda comes it kind of God damn I know you didn't know gonna kinda intimidating to want my I didn't wanna do what I think keeping it the quality as some nigga give us some Sunday my name because they're behind interest they said was a good dog when you improve fill which one game that somebody I'm a thing that pleasing dane jen got you maybe doing I know I'm that's it friends I need anything call the percent oh I don't know no better time than she did not to lucky's was I was okay because I was thinking like a monster then you go wanna case I'm in doubt about his allow a call back when your muscles but don't take it sold now I got somewhere in mind that what am I doing to the rockies okay okay so see everything because of that now okay my side queen shopping you can get a big and it just more available to you come up about running game I know that moves are made with 19 double to my mind it said to show one energy that pays mama go go big buddha mind you I'm 42 and I was I was in my pool glass castle yoga and I did a lot but witnessing is dying what would you find someone I have intense season what I've only why not we do a 12 get your hands I know by will get you in the day in time to buy this sidewalk amazing so I'm gonna send it to me not nobody has school debt boy doing what the business okay you wait go drive 22 way to enough lives are putting up on me they call it because I need to cook okay come on minutes I pull muscle up okay dot com and I got my stress ease my name my name me of you would see some back my position younger than it's okay when going to paint usual lifting I'm gonna different entity dial 200 rented pick level name on and there's a book on one condition from getting any service muscle okay forming damn guns is one pick well I'm talking 20 East dot com human close knit designs a and t my name is my name okay actually to 10 to 50 and in my going it my side all those I'm so whenever you kinda time we got this new city that's me my going so that's it my told me do I wanted to invested so you okay that will go kids only keys you know no kind whatever kinda wanted to kinda defeats the whole thing because I want to a kind of God he won't knew what we was a hundred Sunday I think business we are eighteen years name is keys and join if you can keep eighteen at paintball 20 friends kids happening Cup but when that something in the mood to go what's up sides of family recommend you know when I talk to do a dozen cookies a schedule is I don't know what to win can be set me some wasn't financing with peace of mind due oh that morning which I know you new cash no normal man that would have for now the cash point when a baby is a fun and I'm cooking money edge we're gonna dance in the judicial please think and who will be send to drink min niggas love is in this like a new mommy no matter where you got them what I know I'm gonna need Monday the city's make sure them looking one thousand four thousand yeah morning what real peace little bend put the right nice set so you know we're not my need so you don't have my looks lol nothing simple so long time and oh I k teach not be up oh small this morning my goals it's called koch

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