NTD Television - Welcome sweet little one 😊♥️ Credit:...

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Welcome sweet little one 😊♥️ Credit:
website: Joseph's Dream Appaloosas - http://www.josephsdreamstud.com
FB: @josephsdreamappaloosas - https://www.facebook.com/josephsdreamappaloosas

NTD Television
NTD Television4 months ago

Make sure to visit their social media channels for more original content:
website: Joseph's Dream Appaloosas - www.josephsdreamstud.com
FB: @josephsdreamappaloosas - https://www.facebook.com/josephsdreamappaloosas

Susan McAleer
Susan McAleer4 months ago

The grey foal with black freckles is gorgeous. So is Mum, what a beautiful pair of horses.💗🖤🐴

Marcey Kleckner
Marcey Kleckner4 months ago

He looks nothing like mom must have dads looks sure is cute

Jan Davis
Jan Davis4 months ago

The first one has the longest lashes. The 2nd one has chocolate chips all over his body.

Barbie Knox
Barbie Knox4 months ago

Cats are my favorite animals but horses are the most beautiful.

Tangie West
Tangie West4 months ago

Love the spotted horse ,Beautiful

Ann DeRivera
Ann DeRivera4 months ago

The first one is gorgeous especially the markings on its face💋

Linda Respini
Linda Respini4 months ago

He is a pretty ! When he grows up is going to be Beautiful Buckskin . Thank You for sharing.

Rose Fleurence
Rose Fleurence4 months ago

Merci pour cette magnifique vidéo