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Posted 1 month ago in TV & Movies

Jasim Khan 1 month ago

Drama movie always inspire and Society but I don't know what's going wrong and Pakistani drama industry

Sohaila Zubair 1 month ago

اس قسم کے شوہر اور سسر جوتے لگانے کے قابل ہو تے ہیں

Naveed Butt 1 month ago

اچھا خاصہ عوام کی لعنتوں کا رخ اقرار الحسن اور یاسر شامی کی طرف تھا، پر یہ سیریل دیکھنے کے بعد لعنتوں کو رخ مرزا یعنی بیروز سبزواری کی طرف ہو گیا 🤪

Asma Naureen 1 month ago

Wohi baychari aurat can we ever move on from such topics will there ever be more diversity seems not in our lifetime

Saba Iram 1 month ago

Asie susar ko tu Allah hi puche..batmeez.zalim😠😠

Suraiya Rahman 1 month ago

What's going wrong in Pakistani drama industry???? Or maybe women are always humiliated in Pakistan by men,women and society????I think.. Those drama are giving bad impression of Pakistan to us who arefrom other country