"MAGALING NA AKO." This was the morning greeting of our client yesterday. Actually, in terms of getting back to the most optimal function that's feasible after a debilitating condition, it's not just about how intelligent the medical doctor is, or how highly-skilled the osteopath or physical therapist is. For us, the biggest bearing goes to the degree of motivation and compliance of the patient/client. We're very proud of this client of ours! We choose not to name her but the story goes like this.

Seven months ago, the patient was faced with the options to either undergo shoulder surgery or to get injected by corticosteroids. She was diagnosed with "true" adhesive capsulitis or frozen shoulder. “True” adhesive capsulitis is characterized by stiff and extra-painful shoulder that has equally significant loss of both active and passive movements in most directions.

The reason why she was finally presented with those options is that she underwent 7 months of physical therapy in Metro Manila. Fair outcomes were achieved but because she still wasn't able to actively and passively elevate her left hand past the level of her left shoulder (beyond 90 degrees shoulder flexion), her doctor then suggested those said options which ultimately are more definitive and would yield permanent results. Here's the catch. The patient has a really nice and friendly neighbor who happened to be a former HIM client. He convinced her to try us first even if she was already scheduled for surgery. To make it short, having been granted by her doctor the permission to give the conventional treatment another chance at another place and time, she persevered in a once a week session with Health In Motion in spite her busy schedule.

Four months of working with us, her doctor finally reached a decision---surgery is no longer a must. Another three months after that gracious decision by her doctor, we were recently updated that they are now in the talks of getting a clearance real soon. So in this video, the first part was taken when she was about to be told that surgery is no longer necessary and the second part is the one taken yesterday. Definitely not the perfect range yet but with further strengthening, she will get there. Remember, it’s a “true” frozen shoulder for her and not a shoulder impingement syndrome that can be fixed in a session or two.

So ma’am, you know who you are. Thank you so much for giving us your trust and cooperation!

-The Health In Motion Team

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