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A treat for the students of Sukkur IBA.
Two students of Sukkur IBA Computer Science department Syed Noman and Shahid Mehmood have developed an android...

Posted 6 years ago

Tahir Rafique Kehar 6 years ago

Congrats Syed Noman Shah and Shahid :)

Shafique Ahmed Ansari 6 years ago

Awesome 👍

Yahya Chachar 6 years ago


Agha Sarmad 6 years ago

Congratulations Syed Noman Shah and Shahid Mehmood :) (y)

Javed Anwar 6 years ago

Great work boys 👍

Mazhar Syed 6 years ago

Worth appreciating

Zeeshan Khand 6 years ago

Awesome Syed Noman Shah :) ! (Y) !

Naveed Malik 6 years ago looking at our grades is now pretty much better and enjoyable. :) :D

Syed Aadil Kazmi 6 years ago

Good work boys (y) :*