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And then you're just gonna loosen your lips to play the cord so you don't gonna physically open your mouth um actively you're just relaxing your lips and that's gonna make your harmonica fall into your mouth and you'll be able to play a chord and will be much easier than kind of single note and opening your mouth actively to play the court cuz we can't we can't control the mouth that quickly if you just relax it's much easier it's just try that to draw and then 123 drug lord And you can add a little bit of articulation you can say die on that 123 drug court just to make it pop a little bit more it's very important that you realize that this is one breath it's not too bad to not doing to draw and then once you three drug court if you do that you'll definitely feel over inflated so one breath with an articulation on the cord Okay then you confident doing that well I didn't the court afterwards so Okay practice doing that just those those four notes And then when you're confident doing that see if you can loop it together uh

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