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Texas Coronavirus Update...

Shopping mall food courts, driver's ed programs and water parks are all allowed to reopen today.

Health officials say...
Happy Happy Friday. Friday Friday everyone everyone Robert Price here in in San San Antonio Antonio with with your your your latest latest latest Texas Texas Texas Texas Corona coro. Corona Corona virus. virus virus Update Update update today marks another round round of of reopening reopening as as as part part part of of of phase phase phase Phase two two two. two of of of the the the state's. state's state's state's recovery recovery recovery plan shopping Mall Mall Food Food courts courts courts Drivers drivers, Drivers ed ED ED ED programs. programs programs programs. and and and water water water parks all the the recovery recovery rate. rate. We've We've We've been been been seeing seeing seeing has has has has been. been been been encouraging encouraging. encouraging encouraging health officials say they've seen a a gradual gradual gradual increase increase increase in in in hospitalizations. hospital. hospitalizations. hospitalizations. It's It's something they're monitoring as as the the State State continues continues continues to to to. reopen reopen reopen San. San San San Antonio's Antonio's Antonio's Health Director Dot Dot Emerick Emerick spoke spoke about about the the potential. potential of a second wave. As we open up our our city and our businesses and our community and our lifestyle we're going to see some transmission, but we're watching this. we don't know when that's the second wave will come in in an infectious diseases. It's usually pretty typical for you to have a second wave. so we are anticipating that, but we don't know when it's coming and there's no indication that it's around the corner. A couple of Texas doctors are sharing the results of a new study looking at at at cancer cancer cancer patients patients patients who who who get get get Corona Corona Corona virus. virus virus doctors. doctors from the maze. With UT Health, San Antonio studied more than 900 cancer patients from South Texas and around the world, they found those who get Covid-, 19 are nearly twice as likely to die, compared to all other patients with the virus. It's it's probably not the treatment. It's the fact that the body is fighting cancer at the time, which is putting them a greater risk. Doctors are urging cancer cancer patients patients to to continue continue their their their treatments treatments treatments and and and and for for for others. for others others others to to to come come come come in for. in in in for for for screenings when they they can can and and here's here's here's a a a great great great great story. story a. story. story. A A A 103 -year old old woman woman survives survives Corona Corona virus so naturally. virus so naturally. Celebrates with something tasty, This is Ginny Cigna nursing a bottle of Bud Light, knocking back a cold one following her recovery from the virus refreshing Jenni tested positive for the virus a few weeks ago at the nursing home, where she lives, she said she wanted a Bud Light since it had been a while since she had one sounds good to me. That's the latest for now. I'm Robert Price. We'll be back with another update in a few hours, but until then have a great day and stay safe.

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