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You'll Feel So Satisfied After This Video! (Try Not To Say WOW) 馃槻馃槍
Alright Alright, here here we go go. What What is is is that that that dude? dude? dude? dude? Oh, Oh, Oh, that's massive. What actually actually was was it. it. That That was was Super Super Super cool? cool? cool? cool? Okay. Okay Okay. Okay this this This guy's guy's guy's jumping jumping. jumping jumping like like like 90 boards, Oh Oh, and and he he lands lands it it it perfectly. perfectly. perfectly. perfectly. How. How what's what's what's happening? happening? happening? Oh Oh Oh? Oh wait wait wait wait what What Oh Oh, that that was was really really cool. cool. Wait What? What so accurate so precise? Oh, I almost said the word I actually did, but I stopped myself. Thankfully, Oh, this is so satisfying to I could literally just sit here and watch this all day. It's so satisfying. Okay. Oh it's gonna fit perfectly up. Look. you can't even tell that was split. That's so cool. Oh, that is is so so so satisfying. satisfying. Oh they're making like like a a really really cool cool cool paint. paint paint. that's that's That's That's actually. actually actually actually actually amazing. amazing amazing amazing. I I. I I might might might actually actually actually do. do do that. that and then. This lady. Everyone's just watching here and no one cares, she's like flipping as his barrel over her head. That's like she's so crazy. Okay. This is satisfying. I love things that fit perfectly together. Dude. I love it. It's so okay. that's not satisfying because it wasn't perfect. Wait is it. I don't know? Okay. I guess we'll never know. A ring that turns into a bracelet that's actually genius. Okay. What is this? can We just pause real quick? What is going on? what is this bike? It's like six tires this guy's. Oh, okay. I love your invention. It's a little unnecessary, but I still love it. that looks really cool. Actually Actually all all the the wheels wheels wheels are are are moving. moving. moving. I I I I just just just just noticed. noticed. noticed. noticed. noticed it's it's. it's it's it's amazing. amazing. amazing. amazing. Okay. Okay. Okay Okay This This apparently apparently this this is is. in Japan. These elevators that just constantly keep going down kinda dangerous, but really cool, so you don't have to wait for your elevator. Just constantly goes down Super cool but pretty dangerous that was satisfying skateboarding really satisfying. my opinion. Okay is this someone's hair? What What that that was was dope dope? dope So? so so glad glad this this is is not the try not to to say say what what what challenge challenge challenge because because because I I I freaking freaking freaking love love love already. okay. This would be a very satisfying job. Wait do you see that's so cool. I don't know how what kind of technology that is, but that's really all. that's that's amazing. This guy doesn't even have to take the stairs. that was that was kind of satisfying. Okay. This is is so so so dangerous. dangerous. dangerous. How. how How. How. How How Jesus people are are crazy. crazy? crazy? Okay Okay Okay Okay is is is is this this. this this how how how like like like avalanche start and and stuff stuff like like this this guy guy guy literally literally literally literally. just just just tap tap tap tap the the the. the sand and now all all this this stuff stuff is is is falling falling falling down down down like like like. that that. I don't know. Know how I don't know what the science behind that is, but it's Super cool. Okay. I've actually always wanted to try one of this looks so fun who would do this leave it in the comments who would do that. that looks so fun dude. That was really cool though Okay, What's going on here? Whoa look at the wheel. It's like it. That's so smart. That's That's really really cool cool. cool. cool. did. Did Did Did I I I say say. say. wow. Okay, that was really satisfying. What is that It's just splatters everywhere? Okay. How is this guy doing this? What dude? how do do you you have have that that much much? balance? So this is a cake and this guy's doing some crazy freaking thing to it to make it look. look. Oh, Oh, that's that's that's that's so. so so so cool. cool. cool. cool. cool. Dude. dude. Dude. dude. Dude. I I I want want want that that that cake. cake. cake. it it looks looks so so good. good. What is that? Imo said it, but that's Super cool. It makes everything more vibrant. Why does it do that? Why does it make the color more more vibrant? vibrant? What What what what what are are are they they they pouring pouring pouring on on on on it? it? it? it? That's That's That's actually actually actually amazing. amazing. amazing. amazing. Dude Dude made that tomato tomato look look look Super Super Super freaking freaking freaking Red guys guys can can someone someone let let me me know know know what what what that that that is is is cuz cuz cuz. that's that's that's actually actually actually actually really really really cool. Okay. What is is this this a a soda soda soda factory? factory? factory? factory? What What What kind kind kind of of of soda soda? soda soda is is is that I don't think that that was was English English but but but pretty pretty pretty pretty cool. cool. cool. cool. cool. Okay. What are are these these things things? dude? dude honestly kind of make. Cringe a little bit, but I kinda like it a little bit. It's freaking hard. It's adorable so adorable. okay. This guy is putting on a way to type of shirt. Oh God might need to go to the gym there, but but okay, this is amazing. What is this a pool like a lap pool that was that was actually kinda cool. What is this toy dude? If I had this as a kid, I would be so happy that is so cool. It goes sideways. How dude okay? Dude. I feel like that's dangerous. Look how fast he's I I don't don't know know know know if if I. if if I I I trust trust trust that that that that I I I. I do do do not know if I trust that that dude dude look look at at that. that that he's he's he's going going. going so so so fast. fast, fast. fast. But then he just lands lands on on his his feet feet feet outside outside outside of of of okay. okay. okay. That That That That was. was was was really really really cool. what the heck heck the the freaking freaking toilet toilet. toilet that that that you you you you imagine imagine. imagine imagine you're you're you're sitting sitting sitting on that and then it starts starts moving moving and and you're you're like, like. Oh Oh God God. oh gonna be so. That was really cool, though Okay, What is this noodle maker or that's Noodles right or something? I don't freaking. Oh whoa. That was so cool water pop. I said the word are you kidding me. Are you kidding? You know what no-I bye. Are you a freaking wizard? How are you doing this lady looks like she was just floating in her hands. Oh, that's rollerblade shoes. This reminds me of Healey. Do you guys remember Healey dude bring back memories. memories. I I was was was freaking freaking freaking Pro Pro Pro Pro. with with with Healey, Healey, Healey, Healey, though though though though I I I I could. could've could've could've gone gone gone pro. pro. pro. pro. No. No. No. I'm not gonna lie. I was a a pro pro that's that's Super Super Super cool. cool. cool. I I I don't don't don't don't even even even even know know know. know what what what these these these shoes shoes shoes shoes are are are. are called, called, called, but those are are dope dope okay. okay. Okay. This This This is is is is wait. wait wait wait for for for it. it. it. What What do. are we? What is this That is? Wait, what is that completely crushed? Now? What are you waiting for? Oh, it's back to normal. That was actually pretty cool. Alright. I'm glad I waited that was pretty dope. Okay. This lady is going backwards What the heck it's in reverse with this lady is a pro at hover boarding No way dude no way. No. It's not a dude. It's a lady, but how the fuck did you you do do that? that? that? Okay? Okay? Okay? Okay? This This This This is is is. is in in in reverse. reverse. reverse reverse. I I I I. can't can't can't tell tell actually is is it it is is that that it it looks looks like. like I don't know dude. These clips keep playing in reverse and it's confusing me, but it's really satisfying so I don't mind. Oh the most satisfying job right there in the world. That was so actually I have the most satisfying job cuz I get to watch the most satisfying clips. so technically let's go. I have it. What is this? They're just pouring pouring this this thing thing thing is is. is. that that that that was pretty cool. I'm I'm not not gonna gonna gonna lie lie lie. that that That was was was really really. really cool. cool. Oh, that's. Dude, I love these videos guys smash the like button If you're satisfied right now with that water or plastic, I couldn't tell actually the perfect snowball snowball maker. maker. maker. Oh Oh dude, dude. dude, you you can can build the best best snow snow for for for for in. in in in the the the world world world world with with with with that that that that thing That be be a.m.. what. I technically said it dude, oh my God. Okay, they made a nice little snowflake. What are they gonna do? Okay. What's happening is that a glue gun? What are they are? They gonna make the snowflake like three D or something? Yup. You can peel it off. That's so cool. How did you even think of that You freaking genius? Dude? Okay. What is this world's longest recorded kite Jesus? How how far does that go? That's insane. We hosted what how does that work? I wanna know so bad. That was so cool. Okay. How are you doing this? Okay? I've seen this guys guys. it it prints prints something. something something something on on on your your your your nails. nails nails nails so so so girls out there. there. You you should should probably probably probably get get get this this this cuz cuz cuz cuz this this this this is. is is is this this this is is is is. futuristic futuristic futuristic look look they just printed whatever whatever they they want want want on on on their their their nails nails. nails. You You You could could could print print print print. Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to to infinite on your your nails. nails. It's It's freaking freaking dope. dope. dope. Okay. Okay. Okay, Okay, dude. Dude Dude Dude Perfect Perfect Perfect how how how how-do-you-do you you you doing doing doing what what what the heck was that whoa that is sick. It's like a nice, I said it again, Orvis please pop it. please. It's everywhere bro. Oh, that was amazing. I love Orvis. Dude. orbs are so fun to play with that was so satisfying. I want some Thank you guys so much for watching till the end. you're actually the best, but yeah guys. I will see you guys all in tomorrow's video Peace.

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