Mr. Ksaver?! I hope you're watching!

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Mr. Ksaver?! I hope you're watching!

Posted 9 months ago in TV & Movies

Sarah Smythe 9 months ago

This scene was done so well. It absolutely exceeded my expectations. 100000/10

Nanik Tri Widiyawati 9 months ago

After watching Mikasa got hurt, then I should watch Zeke's back story. Thanks for the pain. It is so painful. 😑

Robert Țaranu 9 months ago

Levi is still alive - the only spoiler anime-only people want to hear

Mădălin Cozma 8 months ago

Levi is not dead, but is kinda Deadpool now... And Zeke will survive, he has to follow Eren to his memories and meet Ymir Fritz , the founder.
Btw, Gabi will shoot Eren and behead him. 😛😛

Александр Сикам 9 months ago

I really thought that Levi finally bit the dust when this scene was released on manga way back then on 2019.

Miguel Clay 9 months ago

You know..seeing episode 14 and 15 kinda made me miss aot s1 where things were simple..

P/S: I'm a manga reader too so you dont need to spoil anything😀

Lan Lê 9 months ago

I swear if they hurt my Levi ima sue them

Moaz Karaeen 9 months ago

Episode 15 was the best in this season , as a reader of manga

It was completely masterpiece ❤

Mustafa Azam 9 months ago

Wasn't it "Xavier"

Vale Franzese 9 months ago

This scene 10000000/10