Juicy Meatball Recipe (Italian Meatballs)

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Learn the Secret to Juicy Meatballs! These are make-ahead, freezer-friendly and perfect for Meal Prep.

Posted 1 year ago in Food & Drink

Norma Saenz 1 year ago

Love your videos and recipes. Also, you have a pleasant personality.

Jo-Anne Lampiasi 1 year ago

Love your recipes. You are so cute to watch鉂わ笍

Deven Rudder 1 year ago

I use this recipe, but just brown them in the skillet and let them cook for the last hour in my spaghetti sauce or brown gravy.

Ann Montaquila 1 year ago

No self respecting Italian would use water. We use milk.

MaryStan Jones 1 year ago

Recipe is very close to my grandmother from Sicily. But she soaked the bread in milk . Thanks for all your great food. I enjoy watching you.馃尫

Sal Costanzo 1 year ago

Either way drop them into the sauce raw or fry them my experience don鈥檛 over season ...parsley salt pepper garlic egg bread crumbs or sliced soaked bread ok ...馃崫.. Ping pong ball size... too big not good...PS regarding the parsley stems trim both ends save some of the stems bruise gently chop up add to salad or other dishes for more flavor when needed

Janet Young Churchey Henton 1 year ago

Oh , how I love her and her 馃嵆馃挄馃挄馃挐馃馃崋馃馃馃崕馃崘馃崐馃馃馃崘馃崗馃崐馃崏 you are the best of the best . My husband is now in the kitchen making your recipe for 馃馃馃馃馃 crab cakes 馃 my very favorite !! And being from Maryland where I grew up I spent my time in the row boat for get them out of the water

Isabel Vargas 1 year ago

Your getting me hungry your such a great cook it鈥檚 a miracle your husband doesn鈥檛 weigh 300 lbs everything u post is delicious

Tub Rose 1 year ago

Going to make them and freeze raw...take out meatballs as needed. I don鈥檛 eat pork so I鈥檒l use 2 lbs of beef ground round

Anna Candela 1 year ago

I only use friselle all wheat soack first squeeze the water out first before mixing in the meat. 馃グ