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In times like this let’s raise a toast to our very own practical gods and goddesses!

Posted 5 months ago

Dr Pavan Sonar 5 months ago

No doubt!
Nurses are like mothers, when it comes to serving patients, & in this pandemic, their courage is extraordinary . 🙏 #nurse

Nilaj Kar 5 months ago

Bow my head in gratitude towards the selfless dedication , sacrifice and care ..

Ibrahim Khalil Mourad 5 months ago

Happy nurses day. I know how important they are. I was near to die because of covid-19 complications and they helped to save my life. Blesses for them always.

لیلا شیرزئ 5 months ago

Stay safe and healthy at home❤️❤️🌺

Subhash Chander 5 months ago

Happy Nurses day in all over the world to those who are like our
Mothers sister and like our Daughters.
Only there is one thing in their mind
How to prowide the best services to
Their patients in the pandemic conditons and they also willing to
Make them O.K. For this they prey
To God for their wellness. We should
Never forget their noble deeds. It is
Not their duty to prey to God for the
Wellness of the patiens. Due to this
These should be called a second to
Godess on the earth.
I prey to God for their happynes. I
Also wish that every Govt.has to prowide them every type of help
Which is most urgent in their life
Because of the secrifies of their
Life. In this time of carona people
Getting the relief due to their secrifise
And to serve the Humenity is thier moto.I wish God bless them with a
Happy,healthy and wealthy life.

Gurinder Singh Rana 5 months ago

Nurses are frontline workers who use Care and Compassion to breathe into their patients fresh life. We Salute Nurses in these trying times for their bravery, selfless service and courage.

Bazlur Rahman 5 months ago

Happy International Nurses Day. A nurses is a best friend of her/him any patients, so I salute to all nurses.

Sabeela Fahd 5 months ago

Yes they do deserve better than this. Its not easy to sacrifice your life and family for the sake of others. They do have a heart of love
May God bless them all.

Bhavani Sundaram 5 months ago


Why do I feel so lost and empty

Why does my eyes water without a reason

Why has my smile and laughter faded away

Why has sunshine gone and brought rain and sadness back again

Each day I wake up with the hope that all will be fine

I try to convince myself that I will be strong and brave

I try to be positive and feed good thought in my mind

But alas where do I fail, fall and weaken

Questions keep coming up to keep me awake at night

I long for sleep but feel scared to close my eyes

Darkness fills my life at every turn, tossing and turning my life

I try to seek the light but all I see is a deep dark well of loneliness and sadness

Where are those happy, carefree days full of laughter and sunshine?

Days when I has a spring in my steps, warmth in my heart and song on my lips…

When and where did I lose myself on the road of life which was once full of love and joy but today is a dark , long, lonely road which I travel all my myself

Will those carefree happy days ever come back I wonder

Could someone please tell me that all will be right and that you are just having a bad dream?

When, when, when will I be alive again someone please tell me.

Ashik Ihsan 5 months ago

Happy International Nurses Day Kajol. The nurses are saving our lives