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#FordMustFall This is an important message for the lying CEO of #Ford #SouthAfrica - Jeff Nemeth.

Jeffery- South Africans are sick of your BS. We are now officially DONE.

You have stated, repeatedly, that the #fire in the #FordKuga which KILLED #JimmyReshall started at the rear of the vehicle & was different to the other #Kuga fires.

Not only that, but it is also a well known fact that Ford South Africa got multiple forensic reports until you found one which suited your agenda.

Well luckily for his family, people managed to record video evidence of the fire with a cellphone.

This is murder pal. Stop playing games. This is not America. Your time is up.

Last night, on live television, you told Francis Herd that #FordKugas are safe to drive and that you would put your own family in a #Kuga.

Well here is what you ARE going to do...

You will put your family in a Ford Kuga lent to you by a client who we will chose. The vehicle will be equipped with 24/7 live video & audio streaming. If you don't do this, then #SouthAfrica will never listen to another word you say, & Ford cars will stop being purchased by #SouthAfricans

Stop playing games with Jimmys grieving family - This is a life not another drunken night on the town with the boys

Video also available from Times LIVE or on the CICA YouTube channel at:

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