diamond painting is SO relaxing

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i could watch this all day

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Posted 1 year ago

Jana Jensen 1 year ago

I LOVE THESE! The round ones are easier and more forgiving. Get a light pad and a multi placer and it's wonderful!!

Jenny Reece Barker 1 year ago

My daughter and I did these. Great way to get a migraine!😂 Also, it’s all fun until you spill the ‘diamonds’.

Susanna Sharp-Schwacke 1 year ago

I don't know what the hell that is, but I'd love that so much. Alas, 4 cats with kleptomaniacal tendencies kind of precludes anything with pieces.

Melanie Elaine 1 year ago

I would love to do one of these, but with three chinchillas and a woolly husky, I would need a paint shed for putting it together so it wasn't just one big lump of fuzz 😏

Sandra Horton 1 year ago

It is mesmerizing for sure. Santa?

Wendy Tujague 1 year ago

I did one and got hooked so I bought a bunch on Amazon. Started the second one and now my craft space is my work space, so it’s on hold. 😖

T.j. Pankiewicz 1 year ago

We've done a few of these, but none that dit so well! Most of them the "diamonds" are all slightly different sizes. Does anyone know where to get one this uniform?

Sarah Ruiz 1 year ago

Know where I can buy some of those?? 🧐

Maya Najjar 1 year ago

Mirnoush hobbi do u no where can i find this? Fairco??

Tanya Sedlock 1 year ago

What is this?