Pudding banana cake: a melt-in-your-mouth creamy dessert!

Cookist Wow • 12 months ago   7.6K     243  •  1.1M Views
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Every bite will melt in your mouth! Ready in 3 steps!

Posted 12 months ago in Food & Drink
Jackie R. Sleeker
Jackie R. Sleeker11 months ago

Absolutely scrumptious looking—with 5000 calories, but maybe worth it!

Elizabeth Hamilton
Elizabeth Hamilton5 months ago

Yum yum that looks good

Kandice Jones Forrest
Kandice Jones Forrest12 months ago

That is not pudding. It is a milk gravy or sauce. Pudding has eggs.

Kandice Jones Forrest
Kandice Jones Forrest12 months ago

No!!!!! Chocolate does not belong on banana pudding.

Sandra Rigsby
Sandra Rigsby11 months ago

Look good I will try to make this

Carrie Long Solomon
Carrie Long Solomon12 months ago

I love banana bread and muffins and cake 🍰 looks so delicious

Terri Chambers
Terri Chambers5 months ago

I'm going to try it, yes

Jill Warford Deyerling
Jill Warford Deyerling9 months ago

Please give recipe
Can’t do the video
Thank you 💜

Brenda Hensley
Brenda Hensley12 months ago

I put on 5 lb just looking at it. It looks so yummy

Agnieszka Kennedy
Agnieszka Kennedy12 months ago

Why does all this stuff always needs soo much sugar?