Cuomo Kicks Trump Minion Off-Air

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Cuomo Kicks Trump Minion Off-Air

Posted 10 months ago in Politics

Jo Ann Moccia 10 months ago

Bye Mceneny. Back to fox entertainment with you. 👍🤭

Linda Castriota 10 months ago

Can’t fix stupid!

Maria Gutierrez 10 months ago


Noel Doorman 10 months ago

She is the bubble headed bleached blonde icon.

Jim Kelley 10 months ago

That woman is an out right idiot. She is going to be unemployed for a while, I hope.

Thomas Bisson 10 months ago

If Trump told the truth we would not have half a million dead from the effects of COVID.

Jeffrey Fossett 10 months ago

You both are complete idiots, the entire country is laughing at your stupid asses!🙂🙂😅😅😅😅

Robbie Farr 10 months ago

Hey girl he's fake news 2

Kristina Thalia 10 months ago

It is horrific how narcissists lie in your face and then deny it adamantly.

Mark Hacking 10 months ago

she could get a job sucking c--ks but that's about the extent of it these days !!! :P lying SOS !!!