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we've been playing fortnite for awhile and so we decided to make a real life chug jug! 鉁岎煆火煒煉昬njoy!
What's up guys Dena here and I'm with brents and naya and welcome to Vinyard. Okay. So today guys. we're gonna do a challenge video and the challenge is Fortnite jump jump challenge. You guys probably know what is right. We play Fortnite whenever we have free time and I love it. dude. Do you like it. I'm the best player I mean in the I'm the best player in the world. I am good. How can you say that you are because how many times do you have? I I? I got six wins how many do you got. So guys today, we're we're gonna make our own chg. so we're gonna experiment some you know drinks and we do it all together, Whoever's drug taste better and look better wins. So now let's go to the store to buy the that we need for the show so guys we are here in the Department store cuz we're looking for the Jarvis. It's over there just go with this one. Alright. Alright guys. So now we're here at the grocery store, Buy the stuff that we need for the truck. This is where the challenge will come in. We need to like get the right drinks to make the chalker you're not allowed to get money. We're only allowed to like get like four or three. I don't know what we got so much. eventually. there's a sports drink and look at color. It's almost kind of Oh I should get the bigger one. I got this right-I. I get is a energy drink. I just saw that it's color like this. I don't know if the color of this drink is light blue or what, but that's just get it. So guys my brother found his now guys I am gonna get and then get little bit of because I really know the details I always play so it will be like a real slushi I don't know But that's fine so guys I got a transparent. It has papers. so yeah guys. we're good to go. Let's go two hours later so guys it's time to do the challenge. Let's get our drugs. So guys as you can see, here's our jobs'. I have the because there's no medal yet in the side because he hears the original. We're gonna copy that one Yup. Yup. that's turn this into a chop job 321. Guys, this is a jar and it's time to put the real job to get inside the jar. Not only we need is liquid inside right. Yeah. So let's go first resistant by the way guys. The whoever has the Good-looking Charger wins and whoever has the tastiest Jojo and so we use this as a punishment. What is the punishment? It's saying that you don't know what the question is yet, but probably those are the the whole jug. Okay. Here's what I got from the grocery store, so the first one is hey. That's what I hope it'll look like a chm, though it's so let's put the first so the second thing that I do is the energy drinks. so I just got this nigga's color light blue. What if you live a Dream that I don't know it's just go. let's open it. It's not light blue yeah last one is I got this so that my all about put this look like Okay, now, I'm starting now I got it and now let's put the ass up the Forman. I mean, just the color is Green Green and Green. so it's oh. so now we're putting the drink the so guys. This is the next one. It's purple. so it's gonna be a little bit darker. I don't know if that's right come on what's the third? It's favorite movie and then we're gonna put this one with some flavor. He put it no I can just this one and this one which is not what do you mean it's not come on this guys thinking because he thinks that no at my this is dark and this is like garbage it's like clean Now, we just finished putting ice in the jar and as you can see my looks Super Nice mine looks like a chalker. Okay. So guys before we decide who is the winner, we have the lights and let it go and that's what we're gonna do. Who's the best Chubb ever okay in 321 Whoa. Look at that two guys. look at our truck, Joss It''s and you know, hey, Oh wait, let's give them one more time. Alright Fortnite one massage. I got so that's the one time of the Chas that we've made so the judge will be our dad. so that's as much as him here in 321. Are you guys on that and he will be the judge that you have to choose, which is the closest to you. so the looks like this. so that's the other side, which one looks like a challenge and 321. So I got a point for that and then so guys the second one is that who's that go. It's not a no. It's not. It's not. There okay, there's my trust. I have a taste of that yet, so I don't know, do you like Kool-aid school. You wanna take one more time. One So thanks to dad for judging our children, so we have we have one point and I have one point three. So guys if this punishment for real guys, you have to finish this in 32. 20 minutes later. I like it, it's done, let's go one more one more. Six hours later. What we did was out here so guys I think we're just going to end up here because we're really full. We can't do it anymore. So I think that's about for today guys. see you guys in the next video.

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