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Two days after heavily armed 4 terrorists were killed at #Ban toll plaza in Jammu's #Nagrota, India Today has accessed the digital evidence that shows...
Attack India Today has accessed the digital evidence of terrorist who were killed in the Nagrota encounter on Thursday evidence shows that the terrorist were constant touch with the Pakistani handler a digital mobile radio manufactured by Pakistani company micro electronics shows messages between JEM terrorist and their handles who asked terrorist about their location and current situation. He has proved that these terrorist were from Pakistan infiltrated in Kashmir and work planning to in fact disrupt the process of democracy in Kashmir. On your screens is the digital evidence that agencies have gathered that shows that in fact these terrorists were in touch with Pakistani handles ah they were discussions about their location about where they were heading and also with regards to how they were in constant touch with their handles were based in Pakistan. So this is proof that no doubt once again establishes Pakistan's role in formating trouble in the valley and attempting to disrupt democracy in the valley. Remember that the Nagrota encounter ah led to four terrorist being gun down they were travelling in a truck it was based on some inputs from intelligence there are forces manage to intercept this truck and also killed a neutralized all four terrorist Kamaljeet Sandhu is joining us with more details on this Kamaljeet good morning on our screens the digital evidence that again proves Pakistan hand in these terrorist being brought into India Well yes undeniable evidence available with Indian Intelligence Agency Security Forces remember some of them have been sent to the FSL ah but what is very clearly and what you can see on the screen is the conversation between the terrorist and their handler in Shakargarh in POK ah they are talking about whether these men have reached safely inside ah inside India inside Kashmir ah they saying क्या सूरते हाल है ah कोई मुश्किल तो नहीं आयी ah conversation like this also asking the timing of infiltration ah which was confirmed as AM by the terrorist ah so clearly whether it is the medicines which have a Pakistani imprint to the shoes ah that they were they were wearing all were made in Pakistan ah many of the been told the medicines were the same as the fidayeens were carrying in Pathankot ah so clearly the links are very clear ah earlier also we saw ban toll plaza happening January thirty first earlier this year and now again ah big success security forces by getting specific intelligence regarding this particular group which was neutralized the prime minister loading the effort but there is no let up as far as Pakistan is concerned clearly they are sending in terrorist the target obviously being ah the upcoming DDC election ah they were obviously also sending in arms remember each of the terrorist was carrying additional arms that means one is to three weapon plus one pistol that is for new recruits we have been told by the Dilbagh Singh ah so this is obviously ah one of this one of the Pakistan ah to keep Kashmir bleeding to Kashmir ah to keep the ah all this is clearly marked as evidence ah but yes once this case is charge sheet remember this will be put a formally ah before the international platform but Pakistan lies completely exposed. Ah Kamaljeet you know the messages that we have put out now which clearly states you know there are handlers asking this I hope there is no trouble so far where have you reached and the likes this of course is the latest in a list of evidence that we have against Pakistan and against Pakistan's role informative trouble in the valley. How really are the agencies planning to use this to again expose Pakistan? See Pakistan doesn't really have to be exposed they already they are already exposed in quite some time and this is not just one particular instance there are number of terror attacks including Pulwama including number of attacks which have happened much earlier ah that have links to Pakistan now remember Pakistan has been calling these ah men as they trying to change the narrative ah but clearly it's not much so because the international community one knows it ah the other is carefully India's drafted this particular ah number of evidence which have come to the four ah remember there is technical evidence there is obviously also ah physical evidence the once that we are showing ah whether right from the shoe to the medicines ah to the conversation ah to technical intelligence and remember even Jaish-e-Mohammed in most occasions have owned up attack now they seems to be because of pressure of FATF and the others ah that Pakistan seems to be under scrutiny but remember they may be changing the names of the terror groups they may try and get in TRF the others ah but Pakistani implement ah continues to be ah continues to be on ah all these evidences and they can't deny that these are Jihadis coming in from Pakistan. Okay alright Kamal जी thank you for joining us with the exclusive news break

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